Name: Johnny “Ice” Atencio

Age: 18

Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Sponsors: The Shadow Conspiracy, Subrosa Brand, Vans


Johnny Atencio hails from Albuquerque , New Mexico but made the trek out to Southern California last year and immediately started making noise. Johnny’s got all the tech moves, but what sets him apart is his fearless eye and sheer determination to step up to the big-boy setups… Case in point, the ender of this video. Johnny had ridden the Chase Hawk Born and Raised AM Jam all day in the blistering heat, and I’m talking brutal heat, so much so that Johnny’s forearm cramped up on the way to the spot. Johnny couldn’t be bothered though… a few bottles of water and a number of forearm stretches later, Johnny was good to go. After taking a serious digger to the chin i had my doubts, but the Ice Man marched right back up that set to lay claim to his hammer… DETERMINATION.

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