Shadow / Subrosa Backyard Session at Trey Jones’

Shadow / Subrosa Tear Trey Jones' Backyard to Shreds

Trey Jones’ backyard is slowly becoming a piece of BMX folklore akin to Beringer’s yard, the old Little Devil bowl, or the T-1 ramp. For how small it is, it offers so so much.. While in town for the annual Sparky’s Jam, members of the Shadow and Subrosa squad hang around and get in a full day of great times and high-level bicycle riding in Trey’s backyard BMX paradise.

Featuring Trey Jones, Simone Barraco, Matt Ray, Johnny Atencio, Lahssan Kobza, Mark Burnett, Kyle Hart, Joris CoulombJabe Jones, & Keandre Lindo in Trey’s backyard BMX paradise.

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