We got in a quick street session before Trey and Seth had to go finish off riding finals at the Adrenaline Games. Wandering around the event basically involved signing a bunch of autographs and a whole lot of broken English, but it was cool to see how genuinely psyched everyone was to have some dumb Americans there. Trey ended up third in street for jumping out of the park multiple times and got some extra Rubles. Everyone was looking forward to the after party, but by the time we got there it was basically a riot with roads blocked off and people screaming. We tried to walk away but we followed by the mob of people and about ten cop cars trying to disperse everyone. We ended up fleeing in a bunch of cabs and having a chill night out. Except for Chadwick… Wild scene.

If you speak russian, here’s a news report about the riot: http://www.vesti-moscow.ru/rnews.html?id=127820

The following day was really chill. Some nursed hangovers, Trey was super sore, and unfortunately, Seth Kimbrough had a family emergency and had to fly home early in the morning. So, not much for ya from Monday.

Day 138? Obviously not counting days any more (was I ever?)…