Danny Lutz of Marlboro, New York sent this letter to BMXonline a couple of months ago.About the same time I was talking to Joe Rich of Terrible One and I asked him if he would take the time to help out Danny because it is something that all riders go through. Well, with Joe’s busy schedule it took him a while to get back to us but he came through. So here is Danny’s letter and Joe’s reply.

Dear RideBMX,
I’m noticing my riding has gone dull. It’s awful. I hardly ever pick up my bike anymore because I know I’m just going to get mad at myself. Riding is supposed to be fun, but I’m not having fun, I’m getting angry. I don’t want to quite riding because it’s one of my favorite things to do. Do I need time off? Should I stop riding and do something else BMX related? Who knows. All I can do to calm my anger down is paint, and believe me, I’ve done a lot of new stuff lately. At least four new paintings a week. I don’t think this is healthy. I miss having fun. I miss progressing. I miss riding…but when I do ride, I hate it. Nothing seems right.

I think a lot of riders go through the same type of heartache that you are. It just comes at different times, happens for different reasons and affects everyone differently. I’d say your best bet would be to take some time off. You can’t force these things. You have to rememberthat you started riding because you wanted to. You progressed because something inspired you. You can’t expect to get anywhere if you have to force yourself to do something you love. It’ll tear you apart from the inside out. It takes the BMX out of BMX. Painting sounds like a good outlet. Being creative off of your bike can be just as fulfilling as being on. Soon the urge to ride will be so overwhelming that you won’t be caught up in stressing on the little things. If you have BMX in your blood then your system will be craving a fix sometime soon. Take care! ¿ Joe