Ryan Sher Bike Check

Name: Ryan Sher
Age: 26
Location: Orlando, FL
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 156lbs
Sponsors: Subrosa, The Shadow Conspiracy, Goods BMX

All photos by Ryan Fudger.

Frame: Subrosa Pandora
Fork: Subrosa Pandora
Bars: Subrosa Pandora 8.25″
Grips: The Shadow Conspiracy Lil’ Banger
Headset: Is for turning.
Seatpost: Subrosa Layback
Seat: The Shadow Conspiracy Ryan Sher
Cranks: The Shadow Conspiracy Torrid
Sprocket: The Shadow Conspiracy Lighter
Chain: The Shadow Conspiracy
Front Tire: The Shadow Conspiracy Undertone 20″ x 2.25″
Front Wheel: The Shadow Conspiracy Rant 36h
Rear Tire: The Shadow Conspiracy Undertone 20″ x 2.25″
Rear Wheel: The Shadow Conspiracy Rant 36h
Pegs: The Shadow Conspiracy Little Ones
Pedals: The Shadow Conspiracy Ravager plastics
Stem: Subrosa Hold On

Things you’ve changed up:
I’ve had my brakes off for a while, but I think they’re about to go back on. I’ll also need a new front wheel, since I had to throw mine away at the airport in Japan. She also took my fireworks.

Things you’re particular about:
Grips and pedals. I like small, soft grips, and real grippy pedals. I have both now.

How did the Red Dragon come to exist?
The first Red dragon was a Kink. One trip didn’t work out so well, so I slayed it. This is my second red dragon, and she’s doing great. A red dragon consists of red frame fork and bars.

Sum up the Japan trip…
Incredibly fucking amazing.