In 2003, Ryan Nyquist went crazy and won every park and dirt contest he entered but one (he got second place in Gravity Games park).Even with his busy contest schedule, he was still down to go on Road Fools to have a good time with the crew. While on the bus during Road Fools, I got him to answer a few questions about his incredible year.

In 2003, pros were building foam kingdoms and heading to Woodward to learn tricks, and you moved to the land of the five-foot cement hip. That didn’t seem to hurt you at all in contests this year. Did you think it would?

I thought it would, because from what I’d been riding in Greenville, Utah seemed like the exact opposite. Plus it was the opposite of what the contests seemed to be. I told you that I was worried about the contest season, but it seemed to work out pretty well.

Were there things you felt like you weren’t ready to do because you hadn’t been riding those types of ramps?

I wasn’t sure. When I moved to Utah, there was one indoor skatepark but it got shut down, and then everything else was dirt jumps and cement. I was coming from Greenville where I only rode spines and box jump-type stuff that was at the contests. I thought when I went to the contests I would be kind of sketchy, but they usually give you enough practice time that you get back into it.

Thought he never rode vert? Toboggan in New York City.  credit: Mark Losey

When you moved to Utah a lot of people thought, “Oh Mike Aitken and his crew are not going to get along with the Greenville crew.” Was it like that at all?

No. We moved there and I was totally worried about it. I had never hung out with Mikey Aitken at all. I knew Beringer was pretty cool and Fuzzy is the nicest guy on the planet. I was kind of worried about what Aitken would think, but we hung out with him a couple of times and he was seriously the coolest guy. He was into having good sessions and it was awesome. I was super-stoked that we moved there because we got to meet different people. I had my preconceptions about Aitken and they were all wrong. He’s an awesome guy and he was great to ride with.

Are you getting ready to head back to Greenville now? Why?

Yeah, we just said we were going to move somewhere for six months to make it temporary, and the six months are up. It was a pretty enlightening experience to go somewhere and have to ride different stuff, so I think I might do it next year, too; move somewhere while I still have the chance to move away since I’m not attached to anything.

Over-vert toothpick at The Flow.  credit: Mark Losey

With X Games, Gravity Games, and that kind of stuff, where does Road Fools fit in on your radar?

The contests are kind of the things that keep me motivated; they are definitely more of what keeps it fun. On Road Fools I can relax and goof around, and then I can go to the big contests and be like, “All right, let’s get serious. I came here to do something, now let’s do it.” These trips are definitely fun and keep it entertaining. Contests are more like stressful weeks where you just want to get through it and move on. It’s all good stuff, it’s just different.

Nothing can-can in Huntington Beach, California.  credit: Mark Losey


Superman over the spine at The Flow in Columbus, Ohio.  credit: Mark Losey