We got this from Mike Escamilla this morning.How much fun does this sound…

On April 30th Tony Hawk, Mike Vallely, Me, Bam, Ryan Dunn, and Carey Hart all took on the adventure of a lifetime. They began the 2006 Gumball 3000’s race around the world in eight days.

The car line-up went like this:
Jeep Cherokee SRT-8 w/Viper engine: Tony Hawk, Mike Vallely, Rooftop, and Ryan Young.

Mike’s ride…

Bam’s Lamborghini: Bam Margera & Ryan DunnCarey Hart’s Car was detained at customs in L.A. so he got a Porsche Cayenne when he got to London.

To track these cars in real time go to gumball.alk.com/default.aspx

The Jeep is Car 011
Bams Car 013 … we think.
Carey Hart’s car?

The dumbest question ever: “I wonder what kind of gas mileage a Jeep Cherokee SRT-8 with a Viper engine gets at 150 miles an hour?”

The eight-day schedule is crazy – three continents, 1,000 miles in each; lots of driving, lots of partying, lots of flying.
Here’s the rough itinerary for a busy 8 days:

EUROPE (1000 miles):
Saturday 29th April:
Try to hit up Activision Skatepark. Gumball film ‘Drivin’ Me Crazy’ in Central London.
Party with ‘Goldie Lookin Chain’ w/guest celebrity DJs at hotel.
Sunday 30th April:
Cars will park on “display” in Gumballs own “pit-lane” on Pall Mall (London). 4-6 PM – Start of race. Race to Belgium.
Monday 1st May:
Breakfast checkpoint in Kursalon? Vienna? Wienerwald? Party on an Island with an exclusive performance from ‘The Prodigy’
Tuesday 2nd May:
Checkpoint in Belgrade, Serbia at the City Hall. 1pm – Drive to Airport. Load cars onto cargo planes. 5:30pm – Depart for Phuket (Two refueling stops along the way. 14hr flight)
ASIA (1000 miles):
Wednesday 3rd May:
Arrive and clear customs/pick up cars. 11:30pm Beach Party.
Thursday 4th May:
Depart Hotel for Bangkok. 1-3PM Check Point at Chumphon. 5-8PM Arrive in Bangkok.
Friday 5th May:
Drive to Airport. 1PM Depart for SLC. (15hrs)
USA (1000 miles):
Arrive in SLC. Clear customs. Drive to Hotel around 4pm — Grand America Hotel. Poss skate/riding session.
8PM US Premiere of Mission Impossible III.
Saturday 6th May:
1PM Depart for Vegas. Checkpoint at Bonneville Salt Flats 6-8pm. Vegas (Poss Vert Demo)
8PM Snoop Dog Concert
Sunday 7th May:
1:30pm – Leave Vegas, race to Los Angeles (331 miles). 5-7pm Finish Line on Rodeo Drive. Display Cars. Check into the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel. 7:30pm Shuttle buses to Playboy Mansion. Party till 1am. After-Party at Hotel.

With the first two continents finished – they’ are currently heading to the USA, to race from SLC, Utah to Hollywood. Highlights so far have been shopping for a bike rack in London, for the Jeep – so that Rooftop’s Redline could be strapped on the back. Hassles from the French customs officials for not having a front license plate. Rooftop racing back and forth with two Lamborghinis. Coming upon a crashed Lambo that flew off the road while doin’ 150mph… and much, much more.

For photos and story of Escamilla’s Gumball venture – check out the Rooftop blog on www.redlinebicycles.com