Growing up in New Jersey, I would see Rodeo Peanut tags everywhere I went, whether it was the walls of Hackettstown skatepark, the bricks of the Brooklyn Banks or train station benches in towns where I would have never expected to find a trace of BMX.  Little did I know, some of the east coasts most prominent street riders were frequently congregating in the town of New Brunswick, only thirty minutes away.

At first I wasn't able to discern exactly what Rodeo Peanut was about.  But after a section in Standpoint 5 and "Pu Pu Platter" hitting the shelves in 2007 it all became clear to me.  Rodeo Peanut was simply friends, with their bikes and a camera, having fun and talking shit.  Not unlike most friend groups of BMX riders.  This video features more clips landed in grass than possibly any BMX video produced in the past decade, and really just show's that everything these guys do boils down to simply having fun or a good laugh.  “Pu Pu Platter” features riding from Chris Reyes, Jared Washington, Alfredo Wilson, Mike Brennan, Roman Stefaniw, Chris Gallop, Evan Nutt, Brian Tunney, Dominic Biro, Edwin DeLaRosa, Mark “Rat Kid” Gralla, Quiet Chris, Jeff Koscis, Jesse Dewlow, George Dossantos, Vinnie Sammon, and Tom White.  I was fortunate enough to speak with some of them about their experiences filming the video and here is what they had to say:

Jared Washington:

“At the time I was in college and living at home with my parents in New Brunswick I think I was delivering food for south west burrito like 2 or 3 days a week and the rest of the time we would ride during the day and then we would party at night. I think we filmed it over the spring and summer of 2006, the whole time during the filming of this was one of the best years I can remember, we would just bring out our crappy cameras and just go do everything we had wanted to film. We started filming this after I filmed my Animal “All Day” part. The video “Voices” out of the UK actually inspired this video, I remember watching it at Brian Tunneys house and being so psyched on it and how fresh it was that we decided to make a video of our crew.”

Brian Tunney:

“As far as I can remember, Jared and company weren’t really committed to making a video. It was more of a natural process where we just went riding almost daily, filmed the riding along with everything else weird that happened, then went back to Evan Nutt’s house on the Rutgers New Brunswick campus and sat around either drinking beers (Mike’s Hard Lemonade in Kohl Campbell’s case) or getting ready to go some random house party. I was probably (definitely) too old to be doing that at the time, but I was also having a lot of fun riding and laughing with my friends. I think my favorite clip of the video remains Jared’s tire grab rail slide on the Colin Winkelmann rail in Atlanta. I wish I could say more but I don’t even own a copy or the video and haven’t seen it in years.

I do know that nothing was serious about the actual concept of producing a DVD from a bunch of friends riding together. We all made fun of each other so much while riding with each other, one thing led to another, and a weird looking DVD with a terrible cover ended up on the racks of Animal a year later. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the worst selling DVD from the time.  I was also living in a funeral home for part of the filming of this video”

Mike Brennan:

“During “Pu Pu Platter” I lived in North Jersey near the GW bridge. The rest of the guys lived near New Brunswick area. I was working Union Construction in NYC at the time so I would Leave my house like 5:30 in the morning then dip from the city straight to meet up with everyone after work at like 3. On Fridays we would usually end up riding super late or end up at a Rutgers party, I would end up calling out of work for the weekend and posting up at someone's house. Most of the video was during that summer. We had a lot of fun. It was a great time, everyone was progressing real fast and having tons of fun.”

Chris Reyes:

“Was living in jersey, working at a burrito place eating mad Mexican food and riding bikes everyday. I’m pretty sure we weren’t even planning on making a video and it just came together from all the riding, back then we actually used to ride bikes.  The most memorable moment for me was riding the Olympic stadium with Jared and the crew on a trip to Montreal, Jared got mad and threw his bike into this fountain of water that was about 3 ft deep. He ended up having to take his pants off and retrieve his bike and we were all laughing mad hard that was a good one, I think later that night I fell asleep in a pile of trash out front my friend Greg’s house in Montreal.

The name “Pu Pu Platter” came about because basically it was a mix of riding, there were no parts or anything it was all just a mixtape basically. We were pretty chill about it and most footage got used.  It took a maybe a year to put the video together, but there’s footage that was a few years old at the time that made it in there. We weren’t really nazis about tricks lookin ugly or not counting or any shit like that.  Basically we are just shit talkers and joke makers. None of this shit is a stab at anyone personally. I couldn’t give a fuck if you double dribbled into a pile of saw dust.”

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