Rob Wise

Photo by Z.

Tate: You do the craziest things just out of the blue. Please explain.
That's because I do secret night missions by myself when nobody is around. And I go training. Not really, I don't know… I just do stuff and it works out, I guess. I'm just good. [Laughs]

Eddie: How many cars have you had in the last year?

Just two.

Eddie: How many BMWs?

Elf: Do you wear a helmet on the scaffolds and stuff?

Yes, I do. I have to wear a hard hat. OCEA rules.

Beringer: Who do you go to the gym with?
I go to the gym with my girlfriend's brother Nick. He is cool.

Tate: Whenever I see you riding, you are always rockin' some pretty expensive jeans, like Diesel or Seven jeans. Do you ever rip those jeans and isn't that expensive to rock that fashion while you are riding?

I usually just buy them at Down East so they are like 30 bucks. I have only bought one pair of Diesel jeans that were 100 bucks, but I don't ride in those.

Elf: What do you hope to accomplish with your BMX career?
Have fun, ride my bike, meet new people, see new places, just have fun with it.

Tate: Is it true that during your downtime you have become an avid spear fisherman with Ben Williams?
Yeah, we are starting to get into it. Tate invited us on this fishing trip and he decided to invite both of his girlfriends on it. (witch led to great comedy later that night. Yeah Tate) So we get to the house and his roommate Richard said that we should go spear fishing.. We made some little spears out of rose bushes and stuff. When we got to the lake and tried to use them we found out that they didn’t work that great. Sowe thought that it would be cool to make real spears, so I went to Lowe's and bought some rebar. I went home and sharpened the ends of them and made a couple spears that were pretty good. We made those and got all excited and then decided it would be sweet to heat 'em up and smash them down, so they were like swords so we could just chop at the fish. So one night we got a barrel fire started up, but it didn't work too well because we needed an anvil. We have been looking online to find one so hopefully we can get one soon so we can make some swords and get us some fish.

Beringer: One time last year you came over to my house and dug with me. And you had that idea for that upper line into the curve wall and it was sweet. And now you are a busy man going on trips all the time. Are you ever going to come help me again? Come on bro.
Yeah, I will come help you someday. I was going to help you the other day but you left to Canada. I was going to come over and make something, but then you would probably be mad if I made something because it would be wrong and then you would tear it down.

Z: How do you think growing up in the Salt Lake area has affected you and your riding?
I think it's good that I got to grow up in Utah and I got to ride with all of these guys, some of the best pro riders around. They have definitely influenced me a lot and I think it's a privilege to grow up and ride with these guys.

Eddie: Are you going to take your mom on a trip?
She always asks if she can hide in my suitcase and go with me. So maybe one of these days she will come with me somewhere.