RIP Cody Sinkhorn

On June 16th, 2012, Louisville, Kentucky local Cody Sinkhorn passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident. In the following days, Ride contributor Devon Denham and Cody’s best friend Derek Fetko got together to make this tribute piece about Sinkhorn. Read below to see Derek reflect upon his best friend, his life, and its influence, see a video Cody’s friends made, and a gallery of photos from Devon shot over the years. Rest in peace, Cody; our thoughts are with the Louisville scene at this time.

Louisville Local Cody Sinkhorn passed away last week after a motorcycle accident. Cody was great husband for five years, his wife even came on road trips and rode! He was a huge part of our scene here and we will all miss him very much. Cody was known for his super smooth style and throwing barspins over previously untouched gaps at the park.  One of Cody’s traits everyone agreed on was that he was always in a good mood, even the time a police officer placed him in the back of a police car for wearing a shitluck shirt at the go kart track. Cody was someone who would help anybody with anything, I remember he helped me build ramps all night long when we decided to throw a jam the next day. He truly was an amazing guy!

It’s very rare in bmx that a rider you look up to for style and new tricks is one of your best freinds, on the deck with you at all times. Myself along with several other riders have been lucky to have that in our lives. Cody Sinkhorn is an amazing person on and off the bike. He always pushed me to go higher or show me a new line at the park, we even learned backflips together on the same night. This motivation was present off the bike with the continued pursuit of furthering his education, constantly improving his house, and being the best husband possible to his wife, Margie. You could really tell the two were meant for each other, I saw this everytime the three of us got in the car together and set out on the road in search of new ramps and skateparks across the country. With a little Sinkhorn on the way, you are guaranteed to see a future bmxer boy or girl! Margie you will always be a part of the bmx family, call on us whenever you need. Cody, I know your already getting started on that big dirt line in the sky, I’ll bring my shovel bro.

– Derek Fetko

Tribute video of Cody.