Who usually calls who?
Corey: I’m pretty sure it’s who ever is awake or gonna be doing something first—I’d say its a 50/50 thing.
Biz: I usually just roll over his house around lunchtime to go eat somewhere.

How often do you guys ride together?
Corey: We ride together everyday unless either one of us is out of town. We keep that shit tight.
Biz: When we are both in town we always ride together.

Biz clicks a 360 turndown over a jump that he and Bohan session on a regular basis.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Who talks more shit?
Corey: Definitely Biz—all day, everyday it’s something. He will probably say the same for me, though.
Biz: I would say we both do our fair share of shit talking, but I usually come out on top

How much do you guys push each other’s riding?
Corey: Biz and I are pretty relaxed when it comes to progression. We learn what we want, whenever we want. But we both feed of each other everyday for sure. If I see Biz do something cool that he might not have done for a while, it gets me psyched and makes me want bring back some oldies.
Biz: We mostly just cruise around and have fun. I wouldn’t say we’re killing ourselves and trying to learn all this new stuff.

Who falls more often?
Corey: We both eat plenty of shit. I’ve had a few good ones at the trails lately.
Biz: I would have to say I do considering this is my first healthy summer in two years due to injuries.

Who rides more?
Corey: We both try to ride everyday, so I’m not sure.
Biz: When he is home we are on the same riding schedule, but he travels a lot more than I do, so when he or Dave Dillewaard are gone I am usually pretty bored riding by myself. So I guess he does because he is always riding on these cool trips he goes on around the world.

What is something not many people know about Biz?
He has tattoos and he loves to sing in the shower really loud!

What is something not many people know about Corey?
He can play video games for a solid six hours straight.

Bohan dips a stylish 360 at their local spot in Riverside, California.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Give as a good Biz quote.
“Tsssss, yah ok, guy.” I hear it quite a bit.

Give as a good Corey quote.
“Hey what’s up, my name’s Keith.” He always introduces himself as that when a random person will talk to us at a bar.

What is the most annoying thing about Biz?
His randomness. He shades in and out like a ninja.

What is the most annoying thing about Corey?
That he bought a house that completely blocks out all cell phone signals.

What’s the last impressive thing you saw him do on his bike?
Corey: He does heaps of cool stuff. I saw him icepick grind a curved ledge longer than most people could manual.

What’s the last impressive thing you saw him do on his bike?
Biz: I saw him do a no-hand, one-footer-to-tailwhip—that was pretty good.

Describe a typical day when you guys ride together?
Corey: We both sleep in because we never go to bed earlier than 3:30am. So we wake up around noon and decide what we are going to eat. If it’s hott we go up to the trails and swim in the pool until it cools off. Then we water the trails and ride until the sun goes down. Then we usually eat Chick Fil-A on the way to the concrete park and session there until the lights shut off. Then we all head home. Then Biz usually rolls over to my place and we kick it, drink, watch funny shit on DVD’s or TV then usually watch Dillsy get very intoxicated and pass out while playing online poker. That’s about it.
Biz: Just cruise around and ride the trails or cement park and have fun…nothing serious.