That guy with all the lines and the ability to ride a bowl like no other. You know, Kaleidoscope. Kriss Kyle filled out the specs on the latest rendition of his BSD Passenger line…

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Name: Kriss Kyle
Age: 25
Height: 5"7
Weight: 10 stone
Location: Sunny Old Kilpatrick, Scotland
Sponsors: Nike, Red Bull, Source BMX, Fuse, Prepte foods and Unit 23

Frame: BSD Passenger V3 frame 20.8″
Fork: BSD V2 Acid fork
Bars: BSD 'OS' Passenger bars
Stem: BSD 'OS' Stacked stem
Grips: BSD Passenger grips
Barends: BSD
Headset: BSD Integrated
Clamp: built in
Seatpost: BSD Blitzed post
Seat:  BSD Passenger slim seat
Cranks: BSD Substance XL cranks 165mm
Sprocket: BSD Superlite 28t
Chain: BSD 1991 halflink chain
Front Tire: BSD Donnastreet 2.4" tire Kevlar version
Front Wheel: BSD Mind Wheel
Rear Tire: BSD Donnastreet 2.4" tire Kevlar version
Rear Wheel: BSD Mind Wheel LHD female
Pedals: BSD Safari
Hub Guard: none
Chain Tensioner: built in
Pegs: “No need”