Tech wiz Johnny Raekes recently got the bump to the Animal pro team and we’ve got the scoop on his latest ride. You can always count on Johnny to be casually throwing down next level tricks. And his Fiend/Animal Bikes build is a perfect steed to get some of the wildest combos in BMX done. Johnny explains what he rides and goes pretty in depth about how he prefers his cranks to be setup for all those crankflips he’s known for.

Frame: Fiend Varanyak
Fork: Animal Bikes Street Fork, 26mm offset
Bars: Animal Bikes Empire State, 9.5″
Stem: Fiend V3 Ty Morrow
Grips: Fiend Team
Barends: Fiend
Headset: Animal Bikes
Seatpost: Animal Bikes
Seat: Fiend Ty Morrow Corduroy
Pedals: Animal Bikes Rat Trap
Cranks: Fiend Team 2.5PC, 160MM 
Sprocket: Fiend Prototype Sprocket
Chain: Animal Bikes Hoder
Front Tire: Animal Bikes GLH, 2.3"
Front Wheel: Fiend Cab Front Wheel
Rear Tire: Animal Bikes GLH, 2.3"
Rear Wheel: Fiend Cab Coaster Wheel
Pegs: Animal Bikes Benny L, 4.5″

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