There have been some mentions about a new Ride video on Instagram, but we haven't really made much of an official announcement about it until now. After a nine-year hiatus since our last video, Range Of Motion, we're finally making another full-length. Headlights will be destined for iTunes, but for those of you who still like to put things on shelves, we'll have some DVDs too. The brainchild of videographer extraordinaire Mike Mastroni, Headlights features a well-rounded squad of street focused riders including Broc Raiford, Johnny Raekes, Shawn "Elf" Walters, Tate Roskelley, Jake Seeley, Calvin Kosovich, Ryan Jordan, DeMarcus Paul, Justin Spriet, Mike Mastroni, and our very own Zach Krejmas.

While we've been pretty low-key with this project for the last few months, Mike has been busy capturing clips while criss crossing the country in his retrofitted Sprinter van that he's currently calling home. After dialing in his mobile dwelling in Connecticut with his pops, Mike kicked things off in Massachusetts with Jake in his local stomping grounds. From there he headed West to Salt Lake to meet up with Elf and Tate. Following the greater Salt Lake City area, Mike continued west to SoCal where he met up with the likes of Calvin, Demo, and Broc. Due to hectic schedules all around, it wasn't until a trip to Arizona when anyone from the Ride staff (Ryan Fudger and I) could tag along with Mike and crew for a few days. —Jeff Z.

Headlights in the Desert

Words by Mike Mastroni
Photos by Jeff Zielinski

As long as Instagram video has existed we've been living in a world where instant gratification type content is the status quo. It's become a world where riders with the biggest social media followings are viewed as the most valuable, V-logs and behind the scenes videos are more popular than the feature presentations, and the artistry is quickly getting sucked out of everything—because why go the distance if everything is just gonna get swallowed up anyway, right? To put it simply, I believe we've kinda lost the plot.

Mike, firing off some Super-8 in Demarcus Paul’s direction.

When you’ve got an out-ledge this perfect, it’s just begging for an amazing combo. Johnny Raekes delivers with an X-up grind to double crankflip.

The name Headlights sort of comes from all that, basically saying, "who cares what's going on right now, forge ahead, do a full-length, and make something that stands the test of time with your friends." I'm not saying we're the only ones out there doing that, but in the grand scheme of things these days, it's definitely the road less traveled. Since leaving Volume in 2017 I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to jump right into doing this full-length video project with Ride. Those years with Volume were great and I wouldn't trade them for the world, but ever since The Finer Things DVD I’ve always known I wanted to do another big project without any sort of brand obligations or being limited to a companies' specific roster of riders.

Jake Seeley is a virtuoso with the pegs. He came for an ice-to-crankflip-to-smith but left with a this feeble and a busted up knee a few goes later.

When picking the cast for Headlights I took it as an opportunity to work with some of my favorite riders, some guys who I hadn't really filmed much with in the past, and most importantly dudes who I feel just make BMX look the coolest. Calvin Kosovich, Jake Seeley, Elf, and Johnny Raekes were among the first dudes who came to mind and fit the bill perfectly. Jake and I actually go way back, but since OSS Football in 2010, I haven't really had any other opportunities to work on anything with him, so I'm really happy to have him involved here. From there I got creative genius Tate Roskelley on board, then the forever under-appreciated Zach Krejmas, followed by powerhouses DeMarcus Paul, Biz Jordan, Broc Raiford, and Justin Spriet.

You know you’ve been to a spot a lot of times when you forget what you already shot there. Broc Raiford hangered this electrical box a few years ago for his Ride Pro Part and I shot the photo. All that aside, a cool photo is a cool photo, and I think this one is cool, so there you go…

Our first official trip working on Headlights was to Phoenix area, but as a proper California resident I've been doing many a Phoenix mission for years now. With our usual spot guru Drew Hosselton now living up in Flagstaff, this visit we linked up with resident creative and all around fun guy Bobby Kanode for the goods and fun times. Things got off to a slightly sluggish start when Jake got food poisoning the first day leaving him out of commission for a day or two, then no sooner when Jake rebounded, Biz got the flu! Being sick on the road is the worst. Thankfully Jake and Biz still ended up getting some time on their bikes and they got some clips too.

Jake used to eat a lot of ketchup, but nowadays he’s all about the hot sauce…

When it comes to filming in Arizona there's always been something so special about nights to me. Personally, I could care less for the desert during the day, but at night it's a whole different animal. Once the genny comes out and the brown turns to black, it’s really just a land of perfect spots, no distractions, and endless footy potential. Here's a taste of what we got into on our trip out to the desert once the sun went down.

This spot has been subject to the hum from the genny and glow of the lights on more than one occasion. This time around DeMarcus Paul does the unthinkable with a manual to 90 into the wedge.

Ride’s new video Headlights should be out mid-December. Until then keep your eyes peeled for more Headlights coverage.