We aren’t going to beat around the bush here…we are psyched on our new site and want to promote it. And we hope our readers are psyched on it too, so we are asking that you guys help us promote it by embedding our videos and photo galleries on your MySpace page. We are offering up a huge prize pack to one lucky reader who embeds a photo gallery and video to his page so keep reading for full details and your chance to win a ton of great stuff.

First, you have to have a MySpace account and be our friend on it. So if you haven’t already, add us… myspace.com/ridebmxmagazine.

Next, you have to do the following three things… This will only take a few minutes. It may look like a lot here, but trust us, it’s quick and painless.

1. Embed one of our videos on your page.
Search ridebmx.com for a video that you like. It has to be one that we made; not a YouTube or Vimeo video that we have embedded into our site. To get the embed code, click the down arrow at the bottom of the video player. Copy the code, then paste it into your MySpace profile. Easy as pie, guy.
Examples: Dew Tour Crashes, Kevin Kiraly Street Session, Foundations Jam Video, Bruce Crisman How To

2. Embed a photo gallery from ridebmx.com on your page.

Each of our photo galleries has an embed code, so find a gallery on the site that you like and put it into your MySpace page. It can be any kind of gallery you want.
Examples: Jesse Whaley Bike Check, Reader Portfolio, Buyer’s Guide, Random Photos

Check out our MySpace to see how the video and photo gallery should look when embedded into your page.

3. Post a bulletin on MySpace with a video and photo gallery in it.
Take the photo gallery and video you embedded on your page and post them in a bulletin telling your friends to check them out.

On October 1st we will randomly select one of our MySpace friends. The first friend we pick that has the video and photo gallery on their page gets the prize package below. We will send the winner a message to congratulate him or her and get their address.

Good luck, and thanks for helping us tell people about our new site! Now get off MySpace and go ride!

MySpace Giveaway Prize Package
Prize Pack Includes:
– Nike 6.0 Backpack
– Odyssey Mike Aitken “Nightwolf” Seat
– Odyssey Mike Aitken K-Lyte Tire
– Demolition Stem
– Felt Grips
– SNAFU Forks
– Fuse Knee Pads
– Hitman Bikes Shirts & Beanie
– Props Road Fools 6 & 7 DVD
– Animal Banner & Stickers
Ride BMX Stickers & Magazine

We mean it…go outside and ride your bike!