Our March/April issue of RideBMX features the Ramp II with Chris Childs, Haro in Puerto Rico, the Common Crew, Alex Donnachie, Dave King, Hobie Doan, Broc Raiford, Erik Elstran, Morgan Long and more…


Chris Childs has jumped a lot of gaps and cranked countless turndowns in his time. But they probably pale in comparison to this one over a chasm on the on the edge of a cliff over looking the Pacific Ocean. Photo: Jeff Zielinski

On Sale Date: 2/19/16

– Departments –

Broc Raiford goes full circle at a reignited spot, Erik Elstran warms up a rail, and Morgan Long starts of the New Year right.

Pro Q&A: Alex Donnachie
We all know Alex Donnachie the insanely great bike rider. Here’s your chance to learn a little more about Alex Donnachie the person—his history, opinions, stories, etc…

Some of the latest goods from some of the greatest brands in BMX.

Attire to wear when busting moves on a BMX bicycle, as well as some more suited for taking your girl on a date, and in some cases, both.

Focus: From The Source
Same great photos you come to expect, but this time with some words on the photo from the riders themselves.

Final Frame
Dakota Roche keeps it simple, in the hardest way possible.

– Features –

The Ramp II: Chris Childs
These two were made for each other. Chris Childs took a liking to the ramp like no other and went bat-shit crazy with it all over LA. Unfiltered freestyle at it’s finest.

Haro in Puerto Rico
With the recent addition of Chad Kerley to the Haro team, as well as Jason Watts and Maxime Charveron getting on in the last year, Haro got all the boys together (Enarson, Fernengel, Mike Gray, and Matthias Dandois as well) and took the contingent to Puerto Rico for their first official trip.

The Coming Of The Common Crew
Southern California’s band of BMX bros have been making some serious waves over the past year, and they’re only getting started… Here’s the story of the Common Crew.

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