Last week we held our 150th issue party. Sorry for the delay on putting up some photos, it’s been a busy week (clean-up from the festivities, video editing, getting ready for Interbike and NORA Cup, magazine deadline, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah).

The party was pretty awesome, to say the least. Here are a few highlights and a gallery from the day/night. Be sure to look in the January issue of Ride for more photos…

• Francis Delapena knocked out some teeth on the mini. Check the 150 party riding video for the carnage.

• The cops showed up towards the end of the night, but were super cool—one of them said he rode motocross and knew what we did in our office, so it was all good.

• Dave Clymer, Chris Moeller, Rich Bartlett, Todd Lyons, Robbie Miranda, Alan Foster, Fish, Chad Johnston, Joey Garcia, Kevin McAvoy, Sean McKinney, Barspinner Ryan, Mike Dominguez, Brian Blyther, Timmy Ball, The Gonz, Ken Hale, Boozer Mike, Ricky Ratt, Jim Bauer, Nuno Oliveria, Aaron Bostrom, Ben Ward, Ben Snowden… Just a small sample of some of the people who showed up.

• Someone stole our Green Machine—the one we bought that afternoon for $130.

• Someone broke my tripod. Sweeet.

• We did live Webcasting on and off during the party—pretty cool despite the sound not always working.

• Brad Simms won the bunnyhop contest with a 45" hop. Easy pickin’s.

• The Gonz and Ken Hale came in costume

• Red Bull girls and “chambulls” (Red Bull and Champagne). Thanks, Ilana.

• Aaron Bostrom and Fudger built a vert wall onto the outside of our building and layered it with old Ride cover blow-ups. That thing got sessioned—hard. So good.

• The Gonz wrote all over our collage wall. Hey Gonz, that shit is lame.

• Free Ball Park hotdogs and vegan food.

• Ride BMX 150th Issue mugs (only 150 made). They’re all gone, so don’t even ask. Hey, you should have been there!

• Barspinner Ryan brought his box jump and Ricky Ratt with him. Ratt flipped the box.

• DJ Greyboy brought his sidehack and a couple of people crashed it off the box lip.

• Cake was smashed all over the office (floor, file cabinets, desks, etc.). Fat started it, Ben Ward and Steve Kerr finished it.

• Free Vital Water (with two hot girls who brought them).

• Moeller, Clymer, Garcia, and Wildman interviews. Give them a watch if you haven’t already, good stuff.

When’s the next one? Hmmm, maybe 2012 for Ride’s 20-year party…