The third video installment of this years’s Red Bull Ride & Seek trip. Check out the crew skydiving with Mat Hoffman, riding trails, and Drew Bezanson throwing tricks off the roof of the Scenicruiser in Texas. Be sure to check out our July 2012 issue of Ride BMX for a full article on the trip.

“Our intrepid BMX riders jump out of plane in the latest episode of Ride & Seek 2012… In the latest (third) episode of Red Bull Ride & Seek 2012, the BMX boys gee themselves up for a session on a specially constructed mud track by throwing themselves out of a plane high above Denton, Texas. Then it’s on to the Alliance Skate Park in Grand Prairie, where Drew Bezanson makes amends for his weak-kneed parachute landing with some more daredevilry.” —Red Bull