Red Bull Elevation Qualifying, Friday, June 30, 2006

Here are the twenty qualifiers from today’s qualifying rounds. Tomorrow is the finals…check back for more photos and video.

1. Corey Bohan2. Chris Doyle3. Ryan Nyquist4. Anthony Napolitan5. Luke Parslow6. Brian Foster7. Cameron White8. TJ Lavin9. Dane Searl10. Alahandro Carro11. Dave Dillewaard12. Romuald “Bibi Noirot13. Kym Grosser14. Darren Barreclothe15. James Foster16. TJ Ellis17. Adam Baker18. Paul Kintner19. Kye Forte20. Gary Young

T.J. Lavin – Tabletop  credit: Keith Mulligan

Ryan Sher – Lookback  credit: Keith Mulligan

Paul Kintner – 360 Lookback  credit: Keith Mulligan

KC Ellis – Backflip Turndown  credit: Keith Mulligan

KC Badger – Moto Whip  credit: Keith Mulligan

Gary Young – 1-Footed Table  credit: Keith Mulligan

Darren Barreclothe – 1-Footed Table  credit: Keith Mulligan

Darren Reed – Table  credit: Keith Mulligan

Brian Foster – Boost  credit: Keith Mulligan

Bibi – 360 X-up  credit: Keith Mulligan

Anthony Napolitan – No Hander  credit: Keith Mulligan

Alahandro Carro – Table  credit: Keith Mulligan

Corey Bohan – Lookback  credit: Keith Mulligan