I don’t think the X-up gets enough credit. I love this trick and Tony Cardona stretches a good one.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Notice the foot placement on this one.  credit: Keith Mulligan

 credit: Keith Mulligan

You see that guy … sitting on that thing? Yea, me too. KC Badger clicks a turndown in nice jeans.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Dave Dillewaard is supposably one to watch out for this year. Stretched no-hander above the mountains.  credit: Keith Mulligan

 credit: Keith Mulligan

Photo by Keith Mulligan.  credit: Keith Mulligan

The Blue Falcon is no stranger to big jumps and is looking smooth on the technical and burly course.  credit: Keith Mulligan

 credit: Keith Mulligan

Adam Baker warming up with some stylish moves.  credit: Keith Mulligan