Podium celebration. Nyquist (middle), Anaya (left), and Moreira (right) took top three in the finals. Photo: Mulligan

Red Bull Dirt Conquers wrapped up with an insane final that came down to the last runs. Twelve guys split into three groups of four had to fire out three runs each in a jam-format final. And in the heat and elevation of Guadalajara that was no easy task. Nyquist proved that he’s still on top of his game, but he had to work for it. AJ Anaya went big with his tricks and had the thousands-deep crowd with him, but a crash in his last run—trying to look at the judges in the middle of a one-footed table on the big quarter factored in. Raditude will get you every time! Here are the results and a few photos. As soon as Red Bull finishes up their edits from the event we’ll have ’em on the site. And scroll down below for links to all of our other posts from this event…

Final Results
1. Ryan Nyquist, 89.00
2. AJ Anaya, 88.00
3. Leandro Moreira, 86.20
4. Rob Darden, 85.00
5. Maxime Charveron, 84.40
6. Corey Bohan, 82.60
7. Ryan Guettler, 82.20
8. Sergio Layos, 81.80
9. Ben Wallace, 81.60
10. Victor Salazar, 81.00
11. Anthony Napolitan, 80.60
12. Michael Beran, 77.80


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