I want to start off by saying you are one bad-ass, all-around rider. I just wanted to know if I could move in with you and ride trails with you? I’ve been trying to learn tailwhips lately; how did you learn them and how long did it take? Thanks a lot, and keep up the awesome riding!–Sam Arcisz, Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Sorry, Sam, my house is all filled up at the moment. However, if you’re ever in the area I’d be more than happy to ride the trails with you. I learned tailwhips on a little flyout jump in Raleigh. It took me about a week to learn and about a month or so to get dialed in. The secret that helped me the most was to wait a second off the lip before I kicked the back end–that will keep your bike level. Good luck.–Chris

I can do tailwhips when I land frame and pedal, but I would like to do it where I put my foot behind the seat or over the seat so it would be easier to land. How would you do that?–Mike Spin, Florida

The best advice I can give you is to make sure you stare at your pedals the whole time and your feet will follow. When I do tailwhips, I stare at my pedals almost the entire time and it lets me know just where to put my feet when it’s time to land.–Chris

What goes through your head when you do those amazing tricks like the 180 turndown over the spine or the double barspin 180 over the spine?–No name given

I have no idea; I try to block everything out and focus on what I’m doing. I just watch for the backside of the spine and try to land smooth.–Chris

You ride dangerous…how do you stay out of the hospital? What things do you do to keep your body injury-proof?–Nate Wilson, Portland, Oregon

Thanks; I’ve never thought I rode “dangerous”. Injuries are going to happen no matter how good you are. I usually just do the normal things to keep me safe like wearing pads and a Pro-Tec.–Chris

Props on your riding, it just amazes me. I know you ride dirt, street, and park, but did you ever think of riding vert or flatland?–Jon

Thanks, Jon. I usually ride whatever I’ve got. In Pittsburgh, I have awesome trails to ride, amazing parks, and downtown Pittsburgh is only 20 minutes away. If there was a vert ramp I’m sure I’d ride that too, but there are no vert ramps in my area. I have, however, been known to ride flat from time to time. I’m not all that great at it, but I still have fun trying.–Chris

What do you think of Section 8?–Trent

Section 8 rules! Good ramps, good riding, good people, GOOD TIMES.–Chris

Why don’t you use left-hand drive?–Griffin Golding

I don’t know; I’ve never really had a problem with hitting my sprocket or chain. I run a small 36-tooth gear, and it stays out of the way just fine.–Chris

I just wanted to know what you prefer to ride: dirt or street/park and why? Which contest run over the last five years do you think was your best?–Jess White

I’ll ride anything. I usually just let the weather decide. In the spring and summer it’s dirt and street all the way. During the winter it gets cold and snowy, so I usually get psyched on riding indoor skateparks. My best contest run? Probably the Salt Lake City DK Dirt Circuit about three years ago. It was the first time I felt really consistent and actually tried newer, harder stuff.–Chris


How old were you when you first learned double trucks, and who do you think has the best-looking tailwhips? You can’t say you like yours the best, which you probably do, because they are the best. Thanks.–No name given

When I learned double trucks I was 16 years old. My very first one was in the DK video Damn Kids. I don’t think I do the best tailwhips. There is a new guy over in America this year from Australia; his name is Dave Dillewaard. He’s got an awesome tailwhip–super slow and controlled; it doesn’t even look like he’s trying.–Chris

How old were you en you got into BMX and what was the first trick you ever pulled (if you can remember)? Have you ever been to Gillette, Wyoming?–Tyler N.

Thanks Tyler. When I first started riding I think I was about 11 years old. I think the first trick I ever did was a one hander. I could stretch my arm so far in the air; it was gnarly. I’ve never been to Gillette before, but I’ve been to Evanston and it was pretty fun.–Chris

Remember that time you drove to Raleigh from Chapel Hill and you had my car keys with you? I was wondering if you are really stupid?–Some dude who’s name is Leigh

Yes Leigh, it is true. Remember how I brought that big dude with me for protection when I brought them back to you?–Chris

Hey, nice riding lately. I’m working on my trails at the moment and was wondering what would be your perfect trail set-up? I really want to get my trails dialed. How did you knock your front tooth out?–No name given

The good thing about trails is that you can set them up however you want them. I like everything. Rollers, berms, transfers, big and small jumps, etc. It really doesn’t matter. If I were you, I would make a wide variety of everything and see what works best for you. I knocked my front teeth out riding up a ramp. My front tire washed out and my mouth went straight into the coping.–Chris

You are one of the best riders out there, and definitely one of my favorites. I loved your part in the Square One video. How do you get the ideas to try new stuff? Are you going to compete in more street/park contests?–Bobbie Altiser, Hannibal, Missouri

Thanks Bobbie. I don’t know how I get the ideas to try new things. I like to push myself to see what else I can do; sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t. I plan to do more street comps this year. I kind of just pick and choose which ones I want to do, but I like doing them and I have fun riding new parks and new street courses all the time.–Chris

I haven’t seen Wide Awake Nightmare yet, but I heard your section is off the hook. What do you think about Scotty Cranmer? Have you ever been to the Lakewood Park in New Jersey?–No name given

Thanks. Scotty Cranmer is amazing; I don’t know how you can be so good at such a young age. When I was sixteen, I had barely ridden a ramp before; I’m just amazed at how he does the things he does. I went to the Lakewood Park about three or four years ago–the park is awesome. Ironically, I saw Scotty there; he must have been like 12 or 13. I remember thinking, “that kid’s going to be good someday.” I think I was right.–Chris

How do you get your 360 tables so damn sexy-looking? Give an aspiring tre’ flatty thrower some tips. Laya mudda foo.–No name given

What? Thanks.–Chris

Does having your long top tube make it harder to do tricks?–Nick

No, having a longer top tube makes it a lot easier for me to do tricks. It makes it so I don’t have to worry about being crammed in my bike. I’m 6’2″ and wear a size 13 shoe, so it helps to have a lot of leg room.–Chris

Do you have any tips on how to nose dive better on 360s over box jumps and spines?–No name given

The best advice I can give you is to drop your shoulder and stare over it while spinning. As long as you keep your head down and stay focused over your shoulder in the direction you’re spinning, your front end will stay down.–Chris

You have been in a few videos lately. Have there been any times you’ve had to do something twice just because the cameraman missed it?–No name given

Yes, it actually happens a lot. I usually tell whoever is filming if it is a problem or not. Sometimes, if I want to do something gnarly I’ll tell the filmer to make sure they get it because I won’t want to do it more than once. That usually keeps them on their toes. If it’s something I know I can do consistently, I have no problem doing it more than once so the filmer can get it.–Chris

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