What is the craziest tricks you try in your life? Who is your favorite rider and who inspired you to ride like that? Chris, don’t change your style, stay like that.–Jean-Christophe Lachapelle, Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada
p.s. Sorry if my English was bad.

Don’t worry Christophe, your English is fine. I don’t think I can narrow it down to just one trick. Everything seems crazy at first. I mean, there was a time when I thought a one-hander was the gnarliest trick ever. Growing up, I was heavily influence by the older riders in my town. Guys like Cory Muth, Scotty Clevenger, Mike Ritchie, and Jon Moak. They may not be guys you’ve heard of, but they were superstars to me. They had all of the style and tricks a person could ever want. I was and still am heavily influenced by them.–Chris

Your part in Wide Awake Nightmare is sick. I recently heard that you bought Todd Walkowiak’s house and I think it’s awesome. I am from Pitt and I love the street downtown. I’ve seen you down there a few times and I was wondering where your favorite place to ride downtown is? Who do you like to ride with the most around here?–Ed Jankoski, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Thanks Ed. When I go downtown to ride street, I usually like to ride the PNC banks, marble park, and some spots on the North Side like the Martin Luther King library. Whatever you do though, don’t go to the MLK library after dark. You could get into some trouble. There are also some secret spots I probably shouldn’t expose, but if I see you down there I’d be glad to show you where they’re at. I usually like to ride with guys like Walkowiak, Mike Cottle, Punjab, Ben Morgan, and whoever is around that day.–Chris

What’s up, Chris? To start, plain and simple, you kick ass. Your style, your tricks–everything. I am a street/dirt/ramp/whatever is in front of me rider, but that isn’t really my problem. I’m pretty big for my age, as in I’m over 5′ 9” and only 13 years old. You being the size you are, are there any tricks that you can’t do, have trouble doing, or do differently? Thanks and keep kicking ass!–Tom Graham, Vienna, Virginia

Thanks Tom. There are certain tricks that I can’t do, but I wouldn’t say that it’s a result of being tall. You can use your height to your advantage in most cases. Just think, a no-footed can-can will look a lot bigger when you do it than when your 5’5″ buddy does it. Plus, for the most part, girls like taller guys anyway, so you won’t have to worry about that.–Chris

I love your style and I’ve seen the stuff you throw down on street and park, but what you do on dirt is incredible. Can you do 360 whips? Your straight whips are sweet and your 360s are really stylish, so I think if you did 360 whips they would look awesome. Why don’t you enter more park contests? I’ve seen what you do when you ride park and it’s right up there with the guys who enter park on a regular basis. I hope you do good at the X Games this year.–Dan Kotula, Plymouth, Minnesota

Thanks Dan. I’ve actually been doing 360 whips for about a year now. I’ve even done a few in some recent comps. Sometimes I won’t enter a park contest because there will be a dirt comp the same weekend, and I won’t want to worry about both at once. However, this year I plan to enter more street comps. We’ll see how it turns out.–Chris

When you’re 6′ 2″, you can make supermans look really good.  credit: Steve Buddendeck

I have always looked up to you as a trail rider. I’ve just started to click my turndownsand was wondering what the key is to doing them even better like you. Do you prefer any certain style of jump to do them? Thanks for your time.–Chuckton Zajac, Connecticut

TThe best advice I can give you is to keep doing them; you can learn a lot through repetition. A few months from now, you’ll probably be doing them more clicked and you won’t even know why. As far as jumps go, you don’t really need any certain type of jump. I prefer a little bit bigger of a jump so you have more time, and you can hold it longer and click it further.–Chris

You’re my favorite rider. Can you flip? I’ve never seen you flip. Thanks.–Arron, Australia

Thanks Arron. I’ve played around with flips in the past; I’ve done some into the foam pit and a few onto the resi. However, I don’t think I’ll be doing them on a regular basis.–Chris

If you were to horribly disfigure your leg next week to the point where you couldn’t look at it without weeping, and the doctor said you could walk again but never ride, what would you want to be? By the way, I think you are the coolest. I have like ten posters of you up in my room, more than any other person.–Lazzie-D

Thanks Lazzie-D; that’s a very interesting question. If I couldn’t ride, I would probably go back to school and get a degree of some sort. I could see myself starting up my own bike shop or getting a job in some sort of BMX-related field.–Chris

Is it just me or have you stopped doing 360 turndowns to barspins? That trick looked awesome. Keep riding brah, you’re amazing.–Tim Mullin

Thanks Tim. I still do the 360 turndown to barspin on occasion. There is actually a clip of me doing one in the new Square One video; hope you like it.–Chris

What was your favorite stop in Arizona on Road Fools 11? What did you think about K.C. Badger and Adam Baker’s riding abilities?–Josh Medina, Peoria, Arizona.

Both K.C. Badger and Adam Baker are amazing. K.C. has some of the best style out there right now, and some really good tricks as well. Baker has always been one of my favorite riders to ride with and watch; everything he does is dialed and it looks so effortless when he does stuff. It’s hard to narrow it down to my favorite stop on that Road Fools trip. Everywhere we went ruled and everywhere we went was new to me, so I was psyched.–Chris

I recently just purchased Wide Awake Nightmare and I was wondering why you were the only one with your own special section at 334 skatepark? –No name given

Kris Bennett asked all of us if there was anything special that we wanted to do for the DVD and that was one of the suggestions I made. Studio 334 is an awesome park and I ride there all the time. I just thought that would be a good thing to do, seeing how the owner (Keith Hull) lets me ride for free all the time. I felt by doing that, it would give them some good coverage and let people know how bad-ass that park is.–Chris