Randy Brown does one of his favorite tricks over a guard rail while it is raining in Salt Lake City, Utah.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

5 Most recent purchases:
Blockbuster movie rental, nine-week-old German shepherd, dog toys, dog food, shots

5 Books I read in my life:
“Wayside School is Falling Down” when I was like eight… More in high school, but I forget.

5 Worst gifts I ever received:
Probably Aeropostale striped polos every xmas for some reason…worst clothes.

5 Most fun tricks to do:
3’s, whips, turndowns, tabletops, nose wheelies

5 Places I want to travel to:
Hawaii, New Zealand, Fiji, Shanghai, Mexico

5 Last people I called:
girlfriend, mom, voicemail, Leigh Ramsdell, Mike Corley

5 Songs on my iPod:
None. I had to reset it. Mostly likely a bunch of OM and R2D2 though.

5 Riders I’m stoked on:
Jeremiah Smith, Dakota Roche, Garrett Byrnes, Eddie Cleveland, Chase Hawk

5 Essential items when I travel:
laptop, camera, cell phone, my tools, bike

5 Favorite articles of clothing/accessories:
jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, shoes, Little Devil socks

Randy Brown…probably wearing Little Devil socks.  credit: Fat Tony

A full-speed sprint, to a quick curb hop, on to a loose-all-of-your-speed-steep bank was all it took for Randy Brown to do this tireslide.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Randy cranks a turndown somewhere in New Jersey.  credit: Fat Tony

Precision footjam at The Incline Club in Lakewood, New Jersey.  credit: Fat Tony

Tiny bank and a big downside whip straight to the pedals in Chinatown, downtown Los Angeles.  credit: Fat Tony