Q&A/Giveaway: Justin Kosman, The Hunt, and Odyssey’s Gold Rush Giveaway

The Hunt went so well the first time, one could wonder if the brains behind the operation, Justin Kosman, would be able to top it for the second time around. We just had a chat with Justin about The Hunt “Gold Rush,” and by the sounds if it, this year’s contest is going to be even bigger and better than the first. While we were at it doing the interview with Kosman, we also arranged for a Facebook giveaway for a gold Odyssey CFL Stem, Convertible Post, and 25T Chainwheel. Read the entire interview below (you might not win those shiny gold Odyssey Gold Rush parts if you don’t), and get over to our Facebook page to find out exactly how to enter. It’s an easy way to come up on some fresh gear, but don’t miss out-the giveaway ends April 22nd.

From an outsider’s point of view, the first Hunt project went really well. How did you adjust for this year’s Gold Rush?
The first year was just a test and all the riders took it very seriously. That was a good sign that The Hunt was something that riders wanted.  For the second year I wanted to add a theme, which is where Gold Rush came from. At the time I was watching those reality TV shows about the gold miners and I thought it was a good parallel with BMX. Dudes out in the middle of nowhere, busting their ass trying to make shit happen, jocking each other’s spots, – hoping they strike gold.

What kind of platform is The Hunt? What does it do for riders and BMX?
At a very basic level, The Hunt is an opportunity. Riders all around the world are putting out crazy video parts and I wanted to create an opportunity for them to be a part of something bigger than they could do for themselves and recognize them on a really high level.  A person can do a lot with an opportunity and a bike. That’s what BMX is all about right? This is an opportunity to be a part of a DVD with a handful of other riders that had the same vision.

Who would you say popped the most out of last year’s winners-where have they come from and come to at this point?
So far we have seen a lot more international entries right off the bat, and that’s one of our goals- to include more riders from all over- or at least make it available to everyone who is riding at a high level.

The title of this year’s project is loaded with a nostalgic look and feel. Where did you get the inspiration and come up with the name?
Glad you like it. It’s just a set of great white shark jaws. You can’t go wrong with that. I just wanted something memorable and I went with that. I think the shark jaws will stay for a while.

You mentioned that you’ve upped the ante on the prizes for this year. What exactly did you work out for the winners this time around, and how in the hell did you come up with the idea to have shark fishing as one of the prizes?
This year the winners are getting a trip to Hawaii to ride and party out there for as long as the money lasts.  I know some good dudes out there that will show them a good time and some awesome spots to ride. I can’t imagine a better prize really.  I went there on a couple BMX shoots and Honolulu is amazing for riding street. There also might be some free tattoos involved as well and possibly a shark cage dive if it isn’t outlawed by the time they get to go.

The shark fishing trip is something that I always thought would be a good prize for The Price Is Right but they never returned my calls.  I went shark fishing once last year and it was unreal- that’s all I can say.  Imagine reeling in a hundred pound mako shark that could bite your arm off. Memories forever. We’re also giving out a bunch of big ass flat screen TVs for a lot of the top ten riders/filmers.

The prizes aren’t the only things that have been stepped up this year. What’s good with the premiere for Gold Rush?
So psyched to bring the party to LA this year. We’re in between two venues right now, but it’s going to be nuts and we’ll have the Monster, Vans, Odyssey and Skullcandy crews taking the party to the next level. The party last year in Vegas was awesome, but it will just be so much better having it in Los Angeles so all the homies can come.

What are a few basic rules/parameters anyone that’s even slightly interested in this contest should know about?
Register on the website http://thehuntbmx.com/register/. Start stacking clips. Edits are due August 1st.

This is a pretty high-level project so we aren’t accepting everyone. There just has to be a line somewhere and we decide it on a case-by-case basis. The most important part is that everyone films for themselves and doesn’t worry about who else is filming a part. We had a lot of people who couldn’t get their shit together last year and they missed out. The people who put in work will be glad they did. There are some surprises this year.

How many entries are you aiming to have this year?
Last year we had about a hundred, and twenty or thirty of them couldn’t back their game up.  About 50 of those were actual, legit video parts.  My goal is to have it be a very tight top ten for the DVD. If there are some super good parts we may end up putting them in the bonus section if they don’t make the cut.

What’s the word on the street? Have you caught wind of anyone that’s said they’re going to film a section?
Mike Brennan registered today. I’d say that’s a good sign. And Big Daddy has been filming. It could get weird. You can keep track on our twitter @thehuntbmx. As riders and filmers get approved they’ll be receiving a gold Hunt sticker to show they’ve been approved and you’ll probably see them pop up on twitter in the next couple weeks.

What’s your personal motivation to make The Hunt happen? Anyone you would like to thank for helping make it possible?
Personally, I think there was this big opportunity just waiting to happen and I just had to make it happen. It’s weird, I just kind of felt compelled to do it like it was the right thing to do.  I’m really grateful that Monster, Vans, Odyssey and Skullcandy can support it and that they saw an idea on a sheet of paper and knew it was a good thing. I really want to thank the riders from last year for being so amazing and sticking with the project. Big things start with small steps and I have some big plans for this year and next. And as a final thought, I can’t wait to be in LA at The Hunt Gold Rush premiere handing a dude a giant shark jaw with gold plated teeth and telling him he is going to Hawaii with $2,500 to have the time of his life…and them push play on the DVD. It’s going to be mental.