The Yess Type Zero frame made some noise after it’s release at the beginning of the 2016 season. The guys up north in Canada are always up to something and once again they have released their new Type Zero with one specific purpose – offer a budget friendly option to those looking for a Yess, but not needing something as high level as their famous World Cup frame.

I reached out to head honcho Renny Husada to find out more about this new frame and all of the other projects going on up at the Yess BMX HQ….

So tell us about the new Yess Zero project?

RENNY: I'm really excited to introduce this product that has just been released at the beginning of this season. We have so many projects going on that it’s hard to focus on just one thing for us. For the first time, we have allowed another builder to label a product not built by us with Yess BMX. There’s something that has to be said when you’ve nurtured a brand through its infancy – and through a lot of blood, sweat and tears you establish a reputation of quality without compromise. To pass this honor to another manufacturer, a great deal of trust must be met. The Zero is built with the same production quality as our domestically manufactured products but offers a more cost effective price range.

What was the driving force behind creating this new YESS frame and how long has the project been in the works?

RENNY: We knew that there were people who are in the sport, or want to start, but have a more entry level budget when putting together a new ride. The Zero puts all the years of knowledge, passion, and experience in a frame that is much more within reach than our previous flagship frames. In the end, we wanted to have a more budget conscious option and offer a frame that still holds the world class Yess brand and quality.

There are definitely some differences that stand out when comparing this model to the World Cup model, what has changed?

RENNY: The World Cup model is entirely different from the Zero frame. The WC frames are marketed towards the international scene where the tracks are bigger and the jumps are higher. You don’t normally see junior expert riders hit these big tracks so they are offered in limited pro 20″ sizes (Pro, XL, XXL, XXXL), whereas the new Zero is much more expansive.

What is the price point going to be and when will it be available for purchase?

The price point of the Zero frame is $415 USD and they are now available for purchase through our exclusive USA Distributor Western Power Sports (WPS) and their affiliated dealer network. For international inquiries please look at our distributor contact info on our website

What else is in the works from the Yess factory?

There’s always something happening. There have always been custom jobs for disc brake mounts. We have made an adapter that will work for both our Type X and Type Zero models which I’m excited about and we will be releasing that very shortly. I see the disc brake gaining more popularity for BMX as it’s a much easier system to work with. With more companies offering carbon rims, it’s an obvious choice which brake system complements those products. Our belt drive bike has also been tested thoroughly around the world. We’ve finally pulled the trigger on taking orders with this disruptive technology which has been around for a while, just not in BMX. A lot of skeptical people have been converted through test rides and everyone compliments on how smooth the system feels.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Our Zero frame uses the clear-coated water transferred graphics like most of the imported frames because the need for customization is not there. With our Type X and even elite frames, people are very particular with their colors and even want to put on their own custom graphics. Now the Yess brand has something for everyone!

As always, it looks like Yess is pushing hard to create more greatly-designed products. There is no doubt that Renny and his father Bill are innovators and are never scared to create something outside of the box. Be on the lookout for more wild creations from the most powerful frame builders in Canada.