Photo: Red Bull

Next in line for our Pro Q&A feature is the curly-haired Italian, Simone Barraco. I don’t know if he likes pizza, but he likes to destroy street setups with tech, style, and flow. And he’s been throwing down hard at the biggest comps in the world. There’s a reason Shadow, Subrosa, Red Bull, and Nike all have him on their rosters. At 22 he’s killing it, and not showing any signs of slacking. Always with a smile, and always progressing. Ask the dude a question already! Leave them in the comments section below. His answers will be in the October issue of Ride BMX.

Check out Simone in Nike’s Baton Rouge Edit…

Nose manual-to-bar from last year’s Chad Kerley Invitational. Photo: Fudger

Bang, bang, bang. Photo: Red Bull

Conventional trick at an unconventional spot. Photo: Red Bull

Simone at the Barcelona X Games. Photo: Red Bull