Send all questions for Gary to [email protected]

Gary Young is a nice little fellow. He lives in a condo near the beach in San Diego, California, has a pretty little wife, and two pretty little cats. But don’t let that facade fool you, this X Games medalist in both park and dirt, ex World Champion, and NORA Cup winner has been to known to give bad directions on purpose, gouge eyes, give kids swirlees, and may have a little case of road rage. We may or may not be kidding about some of those things, but we still need your questions, so send them my way at [email protected] and put “Hey. Gary. It’s. Me.” as the subject.

A photo of this sequence ran as one of Gary’s Vans ads. I made him do it a few times to get the still photo, then again to get the sequence. I’m a jerk and you can’t have this spot. It’s ours. (Click to view sequence.)  credit: Ryan Fudger

Some things you should know about Gary:
He sweats Dyson vacuums.
He runs a 28/9 gearing for maximum speed and pick up wheelies.
He’s had a gun pulled on him.
He has a thing for pancakes and ice cream.
He has an Acura Integra that’s falling apart. Probably because he put like 150,000 miles or so on it.
He can’t do flairs.
He can do inverted 540 twist-things that just look weird.
He rides for The Beast and The Bad Boy.
He can’t do footjam tailwhips.
He likes hips, cradles, and pretty much any cement park.
He can ride your local cement park better than you can within the first five minutes of riding it.
He used to ride a K-Mart bike called the Monorail or something with just one giant downtube and he was psyched because can-cans were easy.
He tried to pick his bike up by his chain one time, and it rotated, catching his fingers in between his sprocket and chain and he ran around all funny bleeding and stuff.
If he grew his hair out and an awesome beard, I think he’d look a lot like Macho Man Randy Savage.
He will probably not like that I put all this stupid shit for you guys to read, but you should ask him a ton of questions either way.
Gary rides for MacNeil, Vans, Odyssey, and Protec.

This feeble grind happened on the last Red Bull Mean Streets. Someone thought it would be a good idea to have the, you guessed it, Ballys Casino be a spot. Well, security thought otherwise and everyone pretty much got the boot. Gary snuck along the side, I had someone hold a flash, and Gary fired out this feeble second go.  credit: Ryan Fudger

Also on Mean Streets, Gary fired out this uprail-to-toothpick, but was never quite happy with how he stalled out the tooth. Still nuts, and I’m fairly certain that this is a first, so who really cares? (Click to view sequence.)  credit: Ryan Fudger

I’m not sure if this ever ran, but it’s still really good. Loooong 270 to wall smash at the last (figuratively and factuaally) Toronto Metro jam. (Click to view sequence.)  credit: Ryan Fudger