Matt Nordstrom is a young tech prodigy hailing from Austin, TX. In the short time of a year or two Matt has gone from an extremely talented flow dude for Fit/Odyssey, to a full-fledged professional rider. (This project started as an AM Spotlight over a year ago and organically morphed into the Pro Part you are about to watch.) Some might even say Matt has cooked up his own concoction of riding where crankflips, flatland skills and serious ground-control mix with legitimate street setups.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy Matt’s technical and progressive Pro Part for RideBMX.

Shouts to Matt’s Sponsors / our partners Odyssey BMX and Fit Bikes

Video by Walter Pieringer

Music: Xavier Wulf – “Cage Boy” –

Track 2 – Bones – “Rocks” –

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