There was plenty of time to hang out with friends over the weekend. Photo: Souney

By: Joe Rich

Nowadays, there are at least a couple of contests every month. There are many different comps with many different formats. So many in fact, that it is almost impossible to keep track of them all. But some just seem to stick out as an experience that you absolutely cannot miss.

The La Revolution contest series kicks ass. It has been going strong for a while now, and it continually gets better with every comp. Take that kind of momentum and combine it with a skatepark in FBM territory, and the premier of the new Little Devil video, and you have one heavy weekend on your hands.

I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss this contest, so I got off my butt and on a plane. This totally reminded me of the way things were at the old contests I used to go to, just from the way the whole weekend was set up. Although I’d never been to a comp at East Coast Terminal before, a lot of memories came back as I walked into the park. The walls are littered with incredible graffiti, a result of a hip hop/graffiti event that was held months before, and it made the scene even better. The whole event was more of a time to hang out and have a good time on your BMX rather than anyone stressing on their runs. Jam formats tend to make for the best of times, and this weekend would be no exception.

I don’t want to get into a boring play-by-play contest story, so I’ll just list a few things that stood out in my head . . . . . . . . . .

1) Dave Freimuth, Ruben Alcantara, Jay Miron, Dom Mach and the MacNeil demo.
Well, it wasn’t a set demo, they just completely destroyed the park along side one another. It was kind of ironic because they were actually on a skatepark tour at the time and stopped in that weekend for the comp. They all happened to be grouped together in the same heat just from signing up together. Freimuth deservedly won his first Pro contest, and everyone that was there will agree that those five minutes were like no other.

Jim Cielencki doing some crazy trick that only he could come up with. Photo: Souney

2) The long awaited premiere of the new Little Devil video, “Criminal Mischief.”
Derek Adams Little Devil’s owner rented a movie theater that, amazingly enough, allowed alcohol to be brought in. I thought the combination of the two would mean certain disaster, but things stayed in control. This video simply has to be seen. Everyone in it has amazing parts, which makes for one of the best videos I’ve ever watched. I strongly suggest getting it, and I assure you that there will be two things we will agree on. It’ll be the best $20 you’ve spent in awhile, and you’ll realize that Van Homan is simply not human.

3) The unplanned doubles routine of Jim Cielencki and the Maine-iac.
Complete chaos is what best describes it. At one point Jim Cielencki was pedaling toward a quarterpipe, while out of nowhere the Maine-iac (FBM rider Derrick Girard) came flying towards the same one. Jim was on the right and the Maine-iac was on the left, neither of them had any clue of what the other was doing. Just as Jim carved into an underside grind, the Maine-iac boosted a nine foot wall tap. It was too perfect. Jim grinded perfectly under the Maine-iac, who came out of the wall tap as though nothing ever happened.

4) Magilla in a contest.
Gilly Smalls Jeremy Reiss entered, shredded, and qualified. As long as I’ve known Magilla, I can’t remember him ever entering a comp. I don’t know what made him enter here, but he rode awesome. Tons of good stuff, plus actually learning new tricks while in qualifying. I’m glad everyone got to witness it along with me.

An unidentified rider boosts a wallride. Photo: Souney

5) Sandy Carson pretty much ruled the chunk.
The chunk was a huge bank to sub box. Sandy looked like he had the most fun riding this out of everything that was there. He rifled off a ton of good things on it and finished 6th.6) Working registration with FBM’s Brock Yoder.
This was one of the best times I had. Brock was out with a broken wrist and was not taking anyone’s crap. Since I had a bum knee as well, I qualified for door duty along with him. It’s funny how when you are hurt, no one can really convince you of any kind of sob story. You just don’t care how much someone is complaining. You figure that they can ride and you can’t, so they aren’t going to get anywhere whining to you.

7.) The fact that Greg Walsh and the park’s owner (Dave) made this thing happen.
There is so much that goes into putting one of these events on. There are a lot of thankless things they have to contend with, but when it turns out as good as it did, it’s all worth the while. Word up to them for keeping comps like this alive.

So with all that in mind, if you weren’t there, you can see that you missed out. Make sure you are at the next one. You won’t be let down. You’ll just walk away when it’s over shaking you head with the rest of us.

– Joe Rich