Pools By The Numbers – Dean Dickinson’s 100th Pool

Dean Dickinson is pretty much known in the BMX world as the pool rider. He’s had photos and videos riding pools in the magazine and on the Internet, he’s made a documentary film on pool riding, and recently he rode his 100th pool. I was fortunate enough to shoot with Dean at his 100th pool and take a peek at his notebook log of all the pools he’s ridden over the past six years. Check out this breakdown of Dean’s 100 pools by the numbers.

States ridden in:
6 (Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas)

Times busted:
1 (Marshal pool in Vancouver, Washington, on Christmas Eve 2006. A $500 fine and a year of probation. Totally worth it!)

Permission pools:

Most pools in one day:

Most pools in a single state:
68 (California)

Pieces of pool coping swallowed to avoid getting beat up by gnar skaters:

Kidney-shaped pools:

Square pools:

Pools ridden that have since been destroyed:

Pool visited the most:
Fisher pool in Vancouver, Washington... Everyday for an entire summer!

Most hours spent at a pool in one day:
24 (Kurt Rasmusson's second backyard pool.)

Date you rode your first pool:
June 2002.

Time it took to get to 100:

6 years

Indoor pools:

Number of pools swam in before riding:

Number of pools ridden on the property of Kurt Rasmusson:

Number of police helicopters that have chased you while riding pools:

Number of skaterboarders that gave you directions to a pool:

Number of pools ridden in your hometown of Vancouver, Washington:

Abandoned dairy farm pools:

Barge pools:

Most amount of water drained using only buckets:
5 feet

Number of pools ridden during the San Diego fires of 2007:

Number of hours you tried to dig out the Wilsonville pool by yourself in one day:

Number of times you have fallen into a pool while cleaning it out:

Number of naked bums that have chased you out of a pool:

Number of pools you have ridden by yourself:

(*Note: Numbers are as of September 2008. Dean is now up to his 104th pool. I held onto this article for a while to use in the magazine, but it never ran.)