Photos/Text: Ben Austin

Last month the guys at Shadow, Subrosa, and QBP (one of their US distributors) decided it was time to shred Colorado. The plan was pretty simple—get in some riding and visit the local bike shops in the area that show BMX support. There are a number of bad-ass bike shops that carry BMX in Colorado and support the scene, and this trip included The Fix in Boulder, RideCo in Colorado Springs, and Denver's Pusher BMX.

The crew consisted of a mix of Shadow and Subrosa riders, including Lahsaan Kobza, Kyle Hart, Jono Hopping, Johnny Atencio, and Matt Ray. I should give a special shout-out to Kyle Hart's lady for giving him the green light on the trip since they just welcomed a baby girl into the world! Everyone met up in Denver since it was centrally located, and grabbed a place to stay. From there, it was a full schedule of shop visits, parking lot jams, and street riding. We were able to grab some photos along the way and document some of good times. Thanks to all of the shops for hosting events, and thanks to all of the riders who showed up, rode with us, and had some fun!