Parano Garage riders arrange some ledges and rails in some interesting set ups and session them through out 2013…

“In 2013 Germany´s mailorder Parano Garage formed a new team. 
Eddie Baum, Carlo Hoffmann, Marc Remmert, Timm Wiegmann, Felix Prangenberg, Daniel Tünte and Bruno Hoffmann met in Oldenburg/Germany to film their welcome-edits in Parano Garage´s warehouse. After a couple days arranging flatrails and curbs between frames, sprockets, tires and pedals everyone filmed a handfull solid combos and lines.

You might have seen one, a couple or all of the seven introducing-edits but as a little christmas gift for you guys and the next couple lazy days we re-edited the highlights of what went down.

We hope you enjoy this retrospection of the edits as much as we enjoyed producing them.
Merry christmas everybody!

Child Of A Dying Star
Sunshine – Crystals – Raindrops
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