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Punjab kicks out a no footed can-can for the crowd.

During the last weekend of February the first installment in the Panasonic Shockwave King of Dirt Series was held at the ABA So Cal Nationals in Ontario, CA. This was the first of two King of Dirt competitions that will act as qualifiers for the Gravity Games.

There has been an abnormal amount of rain in Southern California this winter so mud had to be shoveled from the runways of the jumps the night and morning before the contest. After the shoveling was done there were pretty big mud pits sitting in-between most of the doubles, making it even more critical to clear them. Not everyone made it, but GT’s Brian Gass gave a Panasonic Shockwave CD player to those who got up close and personal with the mud pit.

Drop nose tobaggan courtesy of Greg Dickinson.

The course consisted of a starting hill which lead into a medium sized eight-pack set up in a straight line. The wet ground made speed a factor in completing the course so most of the big tricks were thrown over the second and last sets with the third double being used to pump for speed.

The pros and some of the ams were able to work in tricks over each jump to grab the judge’s attention but in the end it was Nyquist who put together one solid run after another to bring home the pro title.

In the amateur division Shaun Taylor pulled off some nice runs to grab the first place honors.

The second round of the Panasonic Shockwave King of Dirt Series will be held June 16-18 at South Street Seaport in New York City. This contest will be the second of the two Gravity Games qualifiers.

Panasonic Shockwave KOD Results Ontario Round 1 2/27/00

Fuzzy Hall floats a table at the first K.O.D. of the season.


1. Ryan Nyquist – 826 2. TJ Lavin – 8213. Ryan Jordan – 8064. Shaun Butler – 7975. Scott Wirch – 7976. Mike Aitken – 7947. Brandon Pundai – 7878. Grant Teel – 7869. Mike Hernandez – 75710. Fuzzy Hall – 750


1. Shawn Taylor – 8062. Justin Leal – 8043. Jake Koiman – 7634. Chris Slope – 7625. Kunio Yanase – 7626. Richard Gresham – 7617. Richard Laguna – 7588. Paul Adams – 7409. Danny Wade – 69810. Alex McDougal – 607