Final Results:

8/26/00 – Amateur KOD

1st Daniel Antontoniou
2nd Scott Eisel
3rd Evan Benitti
4th Matt Vincent
5th Chris Gerber
6th Harry Levanda
7th Steven Hodges
8th Sonny Stickles
9th Brian Defina
10th Richard Carter

8/26/00 – Pro KOD (Round 6)

1st Ryan Nyquist/Haro
2nd Allan Cooke/Specialized
3rd Chris Doyle/DK Bicycles
4th Scott Wirch/Mongoose
5th Stephen Murray/Nirve Sports
6th Steve McCann/Specialized
7th Ronnie Chalk/Diamond Back
8th Cory Nastazio/Huffy
9th Reuel Erickson/Diamond Back
10th Chris Duncan/Free Agent

8/27/00 – Pro KOD (Round 7)

1st Ryan Nyquist/Haro
2nd Chris Duncan/Free Agent
3rd Adam Strieby/Redline
4th Allan Cooke/Specialized
5th Cory Nastazio/Huffy
6th Chris Doyle/DK Bicycles
7th Ronnie Chalk/Diamond Back
8th Marvin Loetterle/S&M
9th Mike Laird/Nirve Sports
10th Scott Wirch/Mongoose

8/27/00 – Big Air Contest

Stephen Murray – Nirve Sports – 16 feet

8/27/00 – Sick Trick Contest
Kevin Porter – X-Up Tailwhip

Panasonic Shockwave Overall Standings (After Round 7)
Overall scores are calculated using the rider’s best three scores and the score from the finals will be doubled to crown the King of Dirt.

1. Ryan Nyquist/Haro 60 pts
2. Cory Nastazio/Huffy 58 pts.
3. Scott Wirch/Mongoose 56 pts.
4. Mike Aitken/Mosh 54 pts.
5. Chris Duncan/Free Agent 53 pts.
Allan Cooke/Specialized 53 pts.
6. Adam Strieby/Redline 48 pts.
7. Todd Walkowiak/Mongoose 46 pts.
Ronnie Chalk/Diamond Back 46 pts.
8. TJ Lavin/Specialized 44 pts.