For those who don’t know, Panama is a tropical country nestled between Costa Rica and Colombia. It is also where North meets South America and home to the only waterway that connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The flatland scene in Central and South America is thriving and there are several jams and contests throughout the year in various countries.

This past weekend there was a contest in Panama’s capital city. Riders from Venezuela, Colombia, and Costa Rica were on hand to deliver their hardest tricks for the crowd. In addition to the cast of Panamanian and international riders Chase Gouin, Scott Powell, Nathan Penonzek, and Raphael Chiquet were there to put on a show and stoke the Latin American riders.

Contest and jam aside, the event organizers showed the utmost hospitality to the international crew by putting us up in a hotel for the week and taking us on a tour of the city that included the Panama Canal.

Visiting Panama was an amazing experience and seeing a BMX scene from another continent is truly special. I’m extremely glad I got to be a part of the Panama Flat International 2008.

Panamanian Results:
1. Jorge Vasquez
2. Tony Mendieta
3. Eric Camanon
4. Jaime Perez
5. William Camano

International Results:
1. Alejandro Marques
2. Nelson Roldan
3. Harry Sanchez

Best Trick Results:
1. Nelson Roldan
2. Alejandro Marques
3. Jorge Vasquez