As a double-A pro, are you jealous of how big freestyle and dirt jumping have become in the last couple of years?

“To be honest with you, I have always been jealous of freestyle and now that dirt jumping is as big as it is, I’m a little jealous of that too. I’m a racer at heart from 25 years ago and yes, these guys are very talented and very deserving of what they get, but I’ve always been preferential to the racing side of BMX. I’m happy for them, I just always want the racing side of BMX to get a little more than it does. So yeah, you can say that I’m a little jealous, but those guys rock (laughter).”¿Eric Rupe

“It would be cool if BMX was as popular as dirt jumping and freestyle, but it’s not, so I’ve just got to be happy with what I’m doing. That’s all I have to say about that.”¿Chris Sanchez

“Maybe a little jealous. I think it’s great that dirt jumping and freestyle have boomed with the TV exposure, which hopefully is going to help out the BMX racing, but I am jealous that they get more TV coverage than what we do. Our sport is high-speed, technical racing, it has everything that the freestyle and dirt jumping have, but we’re racing against seven other guys on the gate. I probably am jealous that they get more TV coverage, but on the other hand, I’m excited that something in the sport is getting the coverage that it needs to push the sales of BMX bicycles.”¿Wade Bootes

“I’m not jealous, I think it’s cool that all those guys get a lot of exposure…they probably get a lot more girls as well. I think it’s good. I enjoy all aspects of cycling, not just BMX, freestyle, or dirt jumping, I like road, mountain bikes, I like it all. I kind of watch all of it when it’s exposed in magazines or TV. I kind of wish racing got into the X games and got more exposure, that would be cool if it did, but no, I’m not jealous of it, I think it’s cool.”¿Dale Holmes

“No, not at all. I think it’s good for everyone as far as getting big and getting on TV and getting a lot of coverage. It has pretty much boomed past racing as far as being all over TV and stuff. It’s just easier to watch. I like watching it and I think a lot of other guys enjoy watching their friends get on TV. I know a lot of the dirt jumpers and I like watching them. I don’t think I’m jealous, I’ve been racing so long I’ve kinda seen it come and go. I’ve seen freestyle when it was big back in the day like ten years ago, and it died off and it can always die again and BMX can always get bigger again, you never know. Hopefully our sport will change to make it more enjoyable to watch on TV, maybe get some bigger jumps, add some crazy sections.”¿Matt Hadan