If you could race one race over again, which would it be?

“It would be the ’96 Worlds in England. I was winning into the last turn, and I got passed by Dale (Holmes). I basically don’t think I was prepared to be winning that race. We had 1/16th’s, so I was like, ‘Okay I’ve got to ride all of these flawless laps,’ and after you make it to the main, you’re like, ‘Cool.’ I was winning and I was like, ‘Whoa, what’s going on?!’ I rode the second-to-last straight kind of slow and I got passed. I think if I had been prepared I could have won. I was just kind of relaxed. It was only my second Worlds ever, the crowd was going crazy, and I think I tricked myself out¿I should have just rode faster.”¿Randy Stumpfhauser/Huffy

“It would be the 1986 European Championships in Wiederstadt, Germany. Dale (Holmes) won his semi, I won my semi. I think we were 14 Expert. We both crashed in the first turn. I think I got sixth and he got seventh in the main. I should have won, but some big dude in pink gear won it. I never ever saw him again after that. That would be the only one I’d re-run ’cause I never did come close to getting a European title after that¿that was the only time.”¿Neal Wood/DK/1-800-COLLECT

“The ’97 ABA Grands. I didn’t crash, but it was one of my worst races. I was there for the title. I made the main, I got third¿I screwed up. That’s the one. I know I didn’t make any big mistakes, I did good, but I didn’t control the race. I think that was the worst race for me. It was the worst because I was leading all year. I had to make the main and finish behind John (Purse). I finished two places behind, so I didn’t get the title.”¿Christophe Leveque/Specialized

“The ’94 New Jersey national where I broke my elbow. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t have even went. It took me out for a couple of years. I was supposed to go to therapy, I didn’t go, so I ended up not being able to straighten or bend my arm. I ended up having surgery on it, and I had to stay in bed for like two weeks in this machine that moved my elbow up and down, back and forth. Besides that, a long time ago when I was really little, I was riding sew-ups. I was going into the first turn at the NBL Grands, my sew-ups came off, and I lost my Number One plate because of it. So that race, too.”¿Michelle Cairns/Haro

“The Pittsburgh national¿the main event on Saturday. You know the second straightaway¿all those doubles and stuff? I know I could have jumped those, but I didn’t and I lost. I wish I could do that one over. That sucked.”¿Jamie Lilly/GT