While at the Toronto BMX Jam this past weekend, Macneil’s Prashant Gopal gave me a copy of Northern Embassy‘s Union Press #3, a collection of zines focused on the entire Canadian BMX scene. There’s a wide range of contributors and if you want, you can browse through the digital edition below. However, I have to say that the physical copy is worth tracking down and getting your hands on. The entire thing is printed on newspaper, and the use of a more disposable medium really gives the whole thing a whole different vibe that you can’t feel online. Plus, you can take this thing apart and hang it up on your wall–there’s plenty of good options to choose from in this issue.

Issue 3 of Union Press, a Canadian BMX zine from Coast to Coast. Contributors: Jason Vawter, Charlie Crumlish, Lee Dennis, Harley Haskett, Jeremy Deme, Kean Fougere, Trent Barker, Zackery Macrae, Leanne Yeadon. Thanks: Trevor Oleniuk, Sue @ Web News Printing, Jamie & Darcy @ Ten Pack / Macneil, Bernie @ 1664, Mike @ Twisted Sticker, Cory @ Verde Editor: Brad Hill Associate Editor: Prashant Gopal

Get your hands on an issue from the Yo Sick Zine website.