Tires are getting BIG these days. For ages 2.25″ seemed to be the final frontier for big tires–now tires are pushing into the 2.4″ range. This is hardly a trend–many frames these days are designed for a big tire in the rear end and forks as well. A bigger tire means more contact point with the ground (more traction) and make riding street a lot nicer, especially with a little bit of PSI let out. Keep reading our roundup of some of the bigger tires out there these days–there’s no shortage of ’em.

Premium CK Tire
Chad’s signature tire from Premium is the only tire to answer to Odyssey’s Chase Hawk design and hop into the 2.4″ range. The CK tire comes in Black, Redwall, Skinwall and is also available in 2.0″.

Odyssey Chase Hawk Tire 2.4″
Odyssey was the first one to burst the 2.4″ tire bubble with the Chase Hawk design. Despite Chase fans perhaps being slightly disappointed by the slick tire design in lieu of a knobbier tread, the tire has skyrocketed in popularity since its release. And although this is a “slick” tire, that’s really only in reference to the look of it–the smooth tread gives it more surface area to hold onto the ground and keep you rubber side down.

We worked closely with Chase on his new slick tire, and everyone is super stoked on it. It's simple, yet has the look of a fast motorcycle tire. The Hawk tire is available in 20—2.2" and the new 20—2.4" size. The 2.4" fatty size (the biggest we make) is amazing for carving and some of our dudes are running it front and back. Hawk tires will also be the first tires we offer with a whitewall (coming soon). These tires look awesome on a bike!

Odyssey Aaron Ross Tire
Aaron’s signature tire from Odyssey was one of the first to push the boundaries of tire size, and in typical Aaron fashion, was unique from all other tires out there–and still is. A nod to Aaron’s iPhone obsession, his tire looks like a keyboard, with plenty of messages written all over the tire. With a 2.35″ option this might not be as big as Odyssey’s Chase Hawk tire, but still puts plenty of tread on the ground to keep you rolling smooth.

Aaron Ross' signature tire was a unique collaboration between Aaron and his fans. Inspired by his famous keyboard design, there are hidden messages written all over the tire's functional, rectangular, tread blocks and sidewall.

Primo Tony Neyer WLT
An update to Primo’s classic Wall design, the Tony Neyer WLT takes some influence from the classic tire but has a look and function that’s all modern. With black walls, tan walls, and gray walls all out in the wild right now, it’s safe to say that these will be the minimum colors available when they’re released.

United Direct Tire, Trail Tire Prototype
The United Direct tyre is our ultra fast high pressure tyre that was designed and developed with input from our team riders. The directional pattern features a wider centre for improved balance and stability and the whole tyre is covered with a fine micro knurling which will grip all surfaces at speed. Look no further if you want something fast and grippy which is perfect for street, park and even at the trails when used on the rear.

Animal MTT 2.35″
Animal’s Monster Truck Tire is much more aggressive than the typical Animal tire design–we’re definitely feeling these.

Aggressive directional tread pattern, grooved sidewalls for additional traction, steel Bead ONLY, ,Black Wall ONLY, 75psi maximum pressure. Weight – 25 oz (2.1″), 28.7 ox (2.35″).

Flybikes Ruben Rampara 2.35″
The Ruben tire from Fly really helped pave the way for many of the other tires on this list. Fly currently makes it in a 2.35″ option that’s pretty damn light out there, especially when compared to some on this list.

The Ruben Alcantera’s signature tire for 2013, the tire that changed all other BMX tires with innovative materials, shape and size. Made with silkworm casing to resist punctures, needs less pressure.With a low profile design and less rolling resistance, this tire is perfect for all types or terrain.

The Rampera tire with a classic Ruben Mid thread design2.15: 620grs / 21.86oz.
2.35: 740grs / 26.1oz.
2.35 tan (lighter casing): 590grs / 20.8oz.

Fit FAF 2.3″
Smooth, slick, and solid. Fit’s FAF tires are on point and have a couple other smaller options if you’re not into running two gigantic tires.

Wide and solid with raised tread and smooth, thick sidewall
Front/rear or front with a 1.95″ or 2.1″ rear
Durable & forgiving with outstanding grip
Black, tan, white, red, or teal sidewalls (teal available in wire bead only)

Kink Lyra
Colors: All Black, Red Walls, White Walls, Tan Walls
Weight: 26.2oz (Wire), 24.4oz (Kevlar)
Use As Front Or Rear
Wire Or Kevlar Bead
85 To 100PSI
Designed With A Smooth Center Tread Line For A Fast Tire
Full Micro-Knurling For Extra Traction
Super Tough And Lightweight Dual-Ply Casing
Fast, Grippy and Forgiving Tire Compound
Extra Wide With Aggressive Tread For Great Traction
Ideal For Street, Dirt And Park Riding

Demolition Machete and Momentum Tires

Demolition’s Machete (above) and Momentum (below) tires both have pretty big options, with the Machete having a more aggressive tread pattern and the Momentum being a smoother, slicker tire.

The Machete all terrain tire was designed and tested by Demolition riders, Rob Wise and Dennis Enarson. Features high pressure (110 psi), super light, wire bead, and has an aggressive tread pattern w/ deep grooves for grip on any terrain.

Lightest wire bead tire available! Our new high pressure (110 psi), lightweight, wire bead tire. Featuring low profile rectangle tread pattern for grip on any terrain.    

Stolen’s Joint Tire
Stolen just released their Joint tire in a myriad of sizes and colors and is designed to reduce sidewall damage from grinding.

Directional tire with a low profile tread design, excellent high performance tire for street & park. Long center lugs offer low rolling resistance while the micro knurling provides extra traction. Wide tread wraps around and adds sidewall protection while grinding

Subrosa’s Grave Digger Tire
Subrosa’s Grave Digger tire is huuuuge. It has a very aggresive tread pattern, has a tanwall option, and is the personal tire of choice of Ride BMX staff member Ryan Fudger. Could you ask for anything more?

  • 20″ x 2.3″
  • Soft and grippy compound
  • Widest tire on the market
  • Inflates to 85p.s.i.
  • Can crush cars
  • Colors: black, gum
  • WEIGHT: 29 oz