ODI premiered their new video Black Book at Ride BMX headquarters this past Saturday night and it was a kick-ass good time. Plenty of parking lot power moves on an assortment of rails, box ledges, and other ramps ODI brought over as well as heavy sessions inside the TransWorld park. Plenty of heads—industry, pros, ams, and fans—in attendance, too—riding, chillin', and taking in the new DVD. Guts were stuffed with free tacos and beer courtesy of the ODI crew, as well. How was Black Book? Damn good. The mix-tape-style vid features a unique mix of riding and riding styles from Kevin Kiraly, Alex Raban, Tony Malouf, Larry Alverado, Jeff Cadger, and more. It's got a fun vibe, yet the clips deliver throughout.

We'll have another edit from the premiere dropping in a few days, so keep an eye out for it. And the DVD is available August 1st. Pick it up!

For more info on Back Book and ODI click here.