The final round of the Nowear BYOB contest series was held at a sick looking backyard ramp spot known as The Wine Glass Ramps—I guess maybe they just get better with age. A big turnout, some fun ramps, and lots of shade from the summer sun—looked like a great time.

Nowear BYOB “Bring Your Own Bike” Round 3 “The Wine Glass Ramps” from NOWEAR on Vimeo.

“This video is about the third and final round of the Nowear “Bring Your Own Bike” contest series of 2014. This was held at David McGinnis’s house in New Albany, KS. He calls his slice of heaven “The Wine Glass Ramps.” The entire weekend was crazy from storms the night before to a beautiful day with insane riding in every class. Vendors and supporters of Round 3 included Nowear Extreme Rider Apparel, Standard Byke company, Larson’s Mudslingers, Perfect High Five and XS Energy. Huge thanks to David McGinnis and his family for hosting Round 3. If you missed out on all the fun be sure to follow Nowear on Facebook to check the 2015 schedule and the 4 stops that will be held then. Artist “The Black Angels” Song: “Black Grease”