The Terrible One guys and Kevin Gutierrez organized a jam at the T1 office to help raise money for wood to re-layer the Gute’s vert ramp.A few bands, a barbecue, and of course a session on the ramp were all in the works. Unfortunately, Mother Nature was less than cooperative. Rain was already forecasted for Sunday a few days in advance, but people were already on their way from as far away as California, and unless it was pouring on Sunday morning, the jam was still on.

The turnout.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Sunday morning was overcast, damp, and chilly, and it remained that way for the first few hours of the day, leaving everyone wondering how likely the 35 percent chance of rain was. Somehow, despite the damp conditions, we were able to dry off the ramp for about an hour-long session until it started to sprinkle for a little while around noon.

The transportation.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Still optimistic, Taj left an open ended message on the T1 answering machine saying that until it actually started to rain, the jam was still on. Fortunately, he never had to update the message with a cancellation. Although the jam wasn’t canceled, it didn’t go over as originally planned because there were sprinkles off and on for the rest of the day. Consequently, the turnout wasn’t too large, the bands couldn’t play, and the ramp wasn’t fully dry and safe to ride until it was dark.

Taj, topside no-footed can-can.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Nonetheless, all the people who did choose to brave the elements seemed to have a good time. A nighttime session was held on the ramp under the illumination of a few lights and it actually seemed to get warmer outside as it got darker—weird huh? And I know I couldn’t get enough of those black bean and mushroom burritos! And since there were fewer people than expected, I ended up having quite a little feast.

I could’ve watched Paul Buchanan ride the ramp with his smooth and effortless style all day.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Since this jam’s intent was to raise money and hardly anyone showed up, it could be viewed as a failure, but judging from everyone’s attitudes, nobody seemed to really care. After all, they were hanging with friends, eating food, and riding bikes. So where’s the failure in that?