And here you go… the winners of the 2016 NORA Cup awards. These are the dudes who killed it the hardest this year according to the votes by their fellow pros—and there's the Reader's Choice Rider Of The Year, too. And perhaps long over due, we finally added the Legend award this year, which we felt was only befitting to give to the late and great, Dave Mirra. This year marked NORA Cup's 20th anniversary and it was one hell of a party, with Glenn PP Milligan hosting the night, and a legendary cast of presenters including Mike Aitken, Vic Ayala, Ian Schwartz, Eli Platt, Nate Wessel, Paul Osicka, and Will Stroud. Thanks to Glenn, all of our presenters, and to everyone who showed up, cheered, partied, and supported NORA Cup and the greater good of BMX. And lastly, a huge shout-out to all of our sponsors, without them NORA Cup would not be possible: Dan's Comp, Haro, Cult, Mongoose, WeThePeople, Monster EnergyStranger, Kink BMX, Vans Shoes, Fox Racing, Pumped BMX 3, GT Bikes, GoPro,  Stolen BMX, Pizza Port, and Pro-Tec.


Legend Award: Dave Mirra
The Legend Award is something we’ve spoke about doing for a few years and finally made it happen. The fact that we gave the first one to Dave Mirra will always make this award a really special one.

Old Ride Editor and long time great friend of Mirra's, Mark Losey, accepts the award for Dave and his family.

Old Ride Editor and long time great friend of Mirra’s, Mark Losey, accepts the award for Dave and his family.


Reader's Choice Rider Of The Year: Garrett Reynolds
Garrett Reynolds can do no wrong. The dude continues to blow our minds year after year with incredible riding, and he's one of the coolest dudes in BMX, too. We're happy to see that all you readers feel the same way and expressed it through your voting.



Number One Dirt Rider: Kevin Peraza
Kevin's been consistently killing it for the past few years and it was only a matter of time before he won a NORA Cup. He clinched the Gold in X Games Dirt this year and now he's got a NORA Cup for Number One Dirt Rider to add to his collection, too.



Number One Video Part: Nathan Williams – Still United
As far voting goes, Nathan won Number One Video Part by a landslide with more than double the votes than the runner up. And that says a lot when you consider the heavy list of video parts that were nominated this year.



Number One Racer: Sam Willoughby
Sam earned his second NORA Cup much the same way he earned his first (in 2012) by tallying up consistent wins race after race. Sam is currently dealing with back and neck injuries he suffered from a crash while practicing and we hope that the support from his fellow racers in the form of the NORA Cup Number One Racer award will help lift his spirits.


Sam Willoughby's fiancée Alise Post accepts the Number One Racer award on his behalf.


Number One Ramp Rider: Dennis Enarson
This is Dennis Enarson's fourth NORA Cup for Number One Ramp Rider. The Golden Child just went Multi-Platinum.



Number One Flatlander: Viki Gomez
Viki's efforts to "bring back the core aspects of core riding" didn't go unnoticed and paid off big-time with his third NORA Cup for Number One Flatlander.



Number One Web Video Part: Ty Morrow – No Bicycles / Fiend
It was only a matter time before riders started to put the same amount of time and effort into a Web video as they do towards a DVD. And that time has officially arrived, Ty Morrow worked on his No Bicycles video for Fiend for about two years, and all that effort paid off with his first NORA Cup. The bar has been raised…



Number One Video: Still United – United Bike Co.
United took home a NORA Cup for Number One Video in 2010 for This Is United and Corey Martinez walked away with Number One Video Part. And wouldn't you know, the United crew swept up the same two cups this year with Still United. Congrats on the double repeats, dudes!



Number One Street Rider: Nathan Williams
It's been a long time coming for Nathan Williams to win a NORA Cup for Number One Street Rider and that day is finally here. I remember having a conversation with Dakota Roche earlier this year about Nathan and he told me that with the footage he had seen from Nathan's then unreleased Still United part (and the upcoming Etnies video) that "this is going to be Nathan's year." You were right, Dak!