It’s been a whirlwind of cutting up videos and figuring out all the random behind the scenes that I realized that we haven’t put all the 2015 NORA Cup nominees in one single spot. Voted on by the pros themselves, the NORA Cup is the most coveted award in BMX. For 19 years we’ve been throwing one hell of a party to coincide with the awards and this year is no different, as we head to Las Vegas to give out eight Cups to those who deserve ’em most. Check the nominees and we hope to see you on Thursday!

– The Fremont Country Club is located at 601 Fremont St on the covered strip with all the lights, zip lines, and midget Mr T impersonators.
– Doors open at 8pm and we have a slew of new videos for ya (some announced, some not) that will kick off at 8:30, so be there early.
– All ages and open to the public. We're not sure if it's going to fill up, so arrive early. 
– The BLNTD DVD will premiering with full sections from Lahsaan Kobza, Tammy McCarley, Matty Nothnagle, Aaron Maxwell, Robbie Owen, Clay Johnson, and Matt Closson.
– Cult will be premiering their new series, Cultivate.
– Still giving away the same eight awards: Ramp, Dirt, Street, Flat, Video Part, Video, Web Video Part, and the Reader's Choice Award (Voting should open soon)…

I'd like to give a sincere thanks to all the people and brands that stepped up to help make NORA happen this year. Never had we this much support from so many brands and it really means the most to Jeff, Zach, Adam, David, and myself. Really, thank you Dan's Comp, Monster EnergyBlunted Athletics, Fox BMXCult Crew, Vans BMX, Haro Bikes, Wethepeople BMX, Subrosa Brand, Stranger, Colony BMX, Torque BMX, Gt BicyclesODI Grips.

(names listed in alphabetical order) 
Number One Ramp Rider Of The Year
Dennis Enarson
Drew Bezanson
Gary Young
Kevin Peraza
Kriss Kyle

Number One Dirt Rider Of The Year
Chris Doyle
Clint Reynolds
Dennis Enarson
Mike "Hucker" Clark
Pat Casey

Number One Street Rider Of The Year
Alex Donnachie
Dakota Roche
Garrett Reynolds
Nathan Williams
Simone Barraco

Number One Flat Rider Of The Year
Brandon Derbowka
Jean-William Prevost
John Yull
Matthias Dandois
Viki Gomez

Number One Video Part Of The Year
Broc Raiford – The Finer Things – Volume Bikes
Dan Lacey – Above Below – Monster Energy
Nathan Williams – Above Below – Monster Energy
Sean Ricany – No Hype – Stranger
Simone Barraco – What Could Go Wrong? – The Shadow Conspiracy

Number One Video Of The Year
Above Below – Monster Energy
Feel My Chest Muscles I'm A Trail Builder – Credence Bikes
No Hype – Stranger
The Finer Things – Volume Bikes
What Could Go Wrong? – The Shadow Conspiracy

Number One Web Video Part Of The Year
Dakota Roche – Native Land 2 – Cult
Garrett Reynolds – Red Bull 2015
Glenn Salyers – 2015
Simone Barraco – Noster III Promo – Subrosa Brand
Tyler Fernengel – Inside The Silverdome – Red Bull

Reader's Choice Rider Of The Year
Alex Donnachie
Broc Raiford
Garrett Reynolds
Glenn Salyers
Tyler Fernengel