NORA Cup is always a wild time for Keith, Jeff, and I. Lots of work, lots of what-ifs, and tons of, “well, fuck its” the night of. NORA is never meant to be a formal affair. We expect people to be drunk, we expect people to be sloppy, we expect people to ignore what our little suggestions of what to say on the cue cards, and we expect mistakes to happen. That’s just how we run it. Moving away from Vegas and going to August is something we did not expect to do at the beginning of this year, but it was the best move we could have ever made. This night was great, and while I can never assume watching it on YouTube will give the same euphoria that I get from being there, hopefully you enjoy the mayhem that is NORA and decide to make it out next weekend. It’s one hell of a time. Enjoy the full run of show…

Intro/Reader’s Choice Award: Garrett Reynolds

Flatlander of the Year: Viki Gomez

Street Rider of the Year: Garrett Reynolds

Dirt Rider of the Year: Mike “Hucker” Clark

Video Part of the Year: Garrett Reynolds – Deadline

Video of the Year: Deadline

Ramp Rider of the Year: Dennis Enarson