Here at the Ride office we had a surprise waiting for us this morning in the form of a big metal box. Inside the box was a grip of products from Nigel Sylvester including his signature New Era hat and Animal seat, a G-Shock watch, Skullcandy headphones, and a super limited edition bottle of Gatorade with Nigel’s picture on it (only 500 made and not available in stores). We hit up Nigel with a few quick questions to see what was behind this his collab case dubbed “Making Moves Since ’87”.

Word on the street is that only 50 of these cases were made…who is going to get them, and how could people get their hands on them if they wanted to?
Yes, the cases are super limited. The only way people can get their hands on one is to enter and win a certain contest. I’ll be running a give away contest on my Facebook and twitter (@NigelSylvester) over the next couple weeks. Also, selected websites and blogs like Dan’s Comp,,, etc. will also run a contest for a chance to win a Making Moves Since ’87 case.

How’d you come up with the idea for this collaboration?
The collab case is a limited edition piece in addition to the release of my new signature Animal seat and 5950 Fitted. My goal was to create a capsule that included things that a BMX rider would naturally use and a collector would appreciate. Every piece in the case I truly incorporate and embrace into my life on a daily basis.

What was your goal behind this project?
This project started off with the idea of me getting a signature seat and hat then evolved. The goal quickly transformed into taking the release of my seat and hat to the next level. I strive for progression in all aspects of my life. I could of easily released these products and left it at that, but I wanted to give the people something extra. I hope people understand and appreciate the whole idea of the project.

Anything else you want to tell people?
“Making moves since ’87,” Pop A Wheelie Fresh…All Day Everyday.