NORA Cup number one web video part… it's about damn time, right? Well, yes, but we feel it's more like, the right time. We knew the day would eventually come when riders would put just as much effort toward a web specific video part as they do to a DVD section. Sure, there have been riders who gave it their all on web bound efforts early on—first that comes to mind is Brad Simms' Micreation edit from 2008 (which cost $2 for a two week viewing period). But until more recently, web videos just weren't treated with the same fervor as a DVD section, but the tables have turned and we felt it was due time for the addition of the NORA Cup number one web video part award. The premise is simple, any rider's video part that originally premiered online qualifies and video parts from a DVD that have been rereleased online don't. As for a full-length web video award, well, the sampling just isn’t there yet, but we're sure that'll change soon enough.

With that said…who do you think deserves a NORA Cup this year?


2014 TransWorld Ride BMX NORA Cup Winners To Be Awarded In Austin, Texas
On Sunday October 19, 2014 During Texas Toast Weekend