Contributing photographer and New Jersey resident Tommy Verrochi sent over an interview with one of the guys behind a new company called Protobmx. If you are into the tech side of BMX parts, you’ll want to give this one a read. —Fat

An Inside Look At Protobmx
A small company trying to make a big name with quality products.
Intro, interview, and photos contributed by Tommy Verrochi.

What stands out in a quality product? Or at this point in time, a hub? Is it the material it’s machined from? The bearings it rolls on? Or does it come down to the people that sit behind the company? Whatever it is, in the case of Protobmx I think that they’ve developed a winner. CNC machined out of 7075 T-651 aircraft aluminum, and rolling on four Enduro™ bearings, this thing is undoubtedly a quality product. Coming from a company not looking for a quick buck or that get rich quick scheme, the only thing co-owner and operator Kyle Rogers is looking for is to put out quality, long-lasting, and clean products. With more products on the drawing board daily, I figured it was time to shine some light on Protobmx and what it takes to run a smaller company.

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To start off, what is Protobmx about, and what's 
your roll in the company?
I'm co-owner, engineer, and rider for Protobmx. We are a small company from New Jersey, set out to make bike parts in the USA that are strong, simple, lightweight, and pretty. We also plan on having a lot of fun along the way.

Besides you, who else is involved?
Beside me is my partner Rob Martignetti. We share the workload, and we are each good at different things so when we put our minds together we can get just about anything done. We also have Mike Skolnik as team manager. He's always been a big help to Protobmx. He shreds, and he pretty much knows everyone.

Your team consists of some local shredders. Who is on the team, and do 
you have any plans to expand the team in the future?
Right now we have Mike Skolnik, Grant McVaughn, and me. I've been riding with these guys forever and have always liked their riding a lot. We definitely have plans to expand the team. We’re looking to make an eclectic mix of guys who have their own unique riding style, and we are hoping to get guys from all over, not just from New Jersey.

“We are a small company from New Jersey, set out to make bike parts in the USA that are strong, simple, lightweight, and pretty.”

On to your products… Your hubs are pretty unique, how long did it 
take to go from the thought in your head to final product?
I got the idea from road bike hubs about three or four years ago, well before there were other BMX-specific flangeless hubs on the market. I have been working on them for about that long. I didn't realize that the idea would actually become a bike company though, haha.

What was your motivation to start a company did it just pop up in 
your head?
For as long as I can remember I have always fiddled with my bikes, trying to make them better and think of different ways to do things. A few years ago I bought some machines to make some parts for myself from scratch. I made a bunch of parts like hubs and small brake parts, and people would always be really interested in my bikes. From that, point starting Protobmx kind of seemed like the next step.


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Are you working on any new products for the future?
Right now we are hard at work on rear hubs, old school crossbar pads, stems, pegs, and all kinds of small-machined parts. We have a lot of ideas floating around, but are taking our time and designing each part totally from scratch, and exactly how we want them.

If someone was looking to start their own company, what is some 
important advice you would give to them?
Be persistent, and have fun doing it.

That should just about do it. Is there anyone you would like to thank?
There are far too many people involved in helping us to name everyone, but you all know who you are, and we greatly appreciate everything that everyone does to help us out.

Even though co-owner Kyle is sometimes bogged down with the factors that come with a business, he still finds time to ride… And he’s good at it, too.
While Dan Diehl doesn’t technically ride for Protobmx, he’s a cool dude and a supporter of the company. He went with us to Connecticut, and got some work done at the park while riding the Protobmx front hub.
Grant Mcvaugh is definitely the nicest person many have met. His attitude and drive to ride is something many riders admire. He is also dialed at riding… With everything combined, it landed him a spot riding for Protobmx.