Neighborhood BMX has been integral in holding the Long Beach scene together for years now… this street jam being a prime example as to how. Rider / contest course designer / shop owner Aaron Bostrom has been in the game long enough to know what’s good, so to keep things “chill”, he went with a strict word-of-mouth approach when it came to spreading the news. With no real goal besides cruising the city for a fun-filled day of street jibbin’, you could tell the sessions were going to be awesome from the very first meet-up spot. If you don’t already know, Long Beach is a huge BMX hub, so scores of local shredders like Eric Lichtenberger, Sean Morr, Aaron Bostrom, Vonty Poh, Josh Delcour, and Garrett Reeves were on hand. To make things even better a few Fit dudes like Dan Conway, Jared Swafford, Troy Blair, and Joel Barnett were also in the area for the Holy Fit premiers. Needless to say, the crew was dialed, the vibes were on point, and some amazing bike riding went down.

Music: MUSS – “Electric” & “Packed Up”